Rules of the Graphic Design Section

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Important Rules of the Graphic Design Section

Post by KpuCk0 on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:50 pm

Rules of the Graphic Design Section

All users of this forum are deemed to respect and obey the Rules. The graphics team has the applicable right to change these rules without any prior notice. Graphics requests can be requested plus completed from this section only. If you want to make a new request, you should read the rules carefully. Otherwise, if you had posted anything against the rules, your topic will be locked without any further notice respectively!

Graphic Design Section Rules & Regulations

Graphic Section Layout:

Graphics Requests
  • The only place to request banners, avatars, signatures, buttons, and anything else for your forums.

  • These services are offered for Forumotion forums only and only the forum founder is allowed to request them.

Self-service Proposal
  • If you have some self made graphics that you don't need you can post them here for others to use. Plagiarized and generator works are not accepted.

Self-service Gallery

  • The graphics that are posted in the above forum are moderated and if they qualify for excellence they get moved here. Anyone is free to use these images.

Graphic Contests
  • Here is where graphic design contests are held that members can compete in. Feel free to participate if you enjoy the contest's theme.

Reasons Why Some Requests Are Not Completed

  • Your request is unclear or impossible to complete.

  • Your site is illegal, blocked by Online Guardian, or if you request graphics for a non-Forumotion forum.

  • You have been banned from the Support Forum.

  • You recently had the maximum graphic requests completed within the week.

  • You used copyrighted images or content in your request.

  • There are times when many requests are waiting to be completed by various different users, so you are only allowed to have two requests per week. If you post more than two requests within a week's time period, additional requests will be declined.

Graphic Request Restrictions:

If you are new member of Forumotion, the following requirements apply to all forums in order to request graphics for your forum:
("New member" - the following request is for your first forum; you don't have any graphic requests before; your forum don't have members;)

  • Forum must have minimum of 10 users.
  • Forum must have minimum of 10 threads and 50 posts. (By at least 2 members.)

Graphic Requesting Rules:

  • Remember to start with an explicit title, it should contain the general nature of your request. For example: "Requesting a Banner for My Forum." Designers have the right to lock or delete your request if the title is in-explicit or invalid.

  • Do not request graphics via PM, as support via PM is not allowed. The only exceptions to this is when you have a request over a specific Gallery Proposal or Gallery Item, in which case, you are allowed to PM the artist and request those specific images only.

  • Designers are not obligated to complete every request, but members can complete requests, as well. Please do not badger or harass staff and other designers to complete your request; be patient and respectful.

  • When a Graphic Designer is working on a request he/she will tag it by posting in the thread and adding an "In Progress" icon to the topic. If the Designer sees someone else is working on the request, this icon can also be updated, for notification purposes.

  • Once your request is finished the Graphic Designer will post the product in the thread and await your approval. If the finish product is to your liking, please change the thread icon to "Complete" so a Graphic Designer can lock it. If your request has passed 10 days without any reply, we will move your request to "Completed Requests".

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when commenting finished art by the staff or members please do not flame or criticize. You are allowed to post constructive comments, but not offensive comments.

  • You are not allowed to request more than 10 images.If you need more images, new request will be required.

    Note: Full kits for themes are not allowed.

  • Additionally, multiple graphic request in one request form is not allowed. Only one request type per topic. Each topic must have it's own request form filled out completely. [ex. Forum Ranks, Banner, Topic icons, Forum icons and so-forth]

  • You can bump your thread, but they must be separated by at least 24 hour time spans; impulsive bumping will result in warnings. You are not allowed to bump your request when it has been tagged by a Graphic Designer.

    Note: If your forum is closed/locked and we are unable to see your forum statistics or group information, a screenshot will be requested to provide evidence of your statistics and that you are in fact that administrator of your forum.

  • You must use the graphic requesting layout below. The request layout is the only time when you are able to use bold and color in your posts. Please fill out every section--do not leave anything blank; if you are unsure or one section does not apply to your request, use the "N/A" or "Not Applicable" in that field.

  • Forumotion also offers a form for submitting graphic requests. It provides you with tools to help make requesting graphics easier, and also helps you provide designers with as much information as possible so they can quickly fill your request. You can submit a request for graphics using the form here.

Graphics Request Layout (Required):

    [color=#3399CC][b]Creation Type:[/b][/color]
    [color=#333333][b]Size (In Pixels):[/b][/color]
    [color=#3399CC][b]Primary Colors:[/b][/color]
    [color=#333333][b]Secondary Colors:[/b][/color]
    [color=#3399CC][b]Images to include:[/b][/color]
    [color=#333333][b]Text to Insert :[/b][/color]
    [color=#3399CC][b]Font (Provide Download Link):[/b][/color]
    [color=#333333][b]Font Color:[/b][/color]
    [color=#3399CC][b]Link to My Forumotion Forum:[/b][/color]
    [color=#333333][b]Username on Your Forum:[/b][/color]
    [color=#3399CC][b]Link to your Last Graphics Request:[/b][/color]
    [color=#333333][b]Detailed Description:[/b][/color]


Creation Type: Banner, Avatar, Signature, Post Icons, Etc.
Size (In Pixels): ???px Wide, ???px Long / Creator's Choice
Primary Colors: List one or two colors.
Secondary Colors: List one or two colors.
Images to include: List any image url's you would like to be included.
Text to Insert : What text, if any, would you like?
Font (Provide Download Link): Do you have a preferred font?
Font Color: What font color do you want to specify, if at all?
Link to My Forumotion Forum: Your Forum URL
Your Forum Username: Your username on the forum you are requesting for.
Link to your Last Graphics Request: URL Here
Detailed Description: Please provide any additional information on what you are looking for here. The more information you add, the easier it will be fore the designer and the more likely you are to be satisfied with their creation.

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Important Re: Rules of the Graphic Design Section

Post by KpuCk0 on Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:52 am

The rules have been updated. Please read them fully!
The updates made involve the "Graphic Requests" section.

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Important Re: Rules of the Graphic Design Section

Post by KpuCk0 on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:11 am

The rules have been updated. We have added graphic request restrictions. Please re-read the rules.
The updates made involve the "Graphic Requests" section.

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