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Tutorial Clocks on your board

Post by Master Marc on July 25th 2009, 8:54 pm

Add Clocks on your Forum board

Clocks on your board

To get clocks on your board,you'll have to choose a flash clock from this website.


There are many types of clocks you can choose from.

Count Down and Up
Dark Background
Logo and Custom

When you decided which type of clock you would like to use on your forum,then do the following:

1/ Go to {there is a link above}
2/ You'll see this image to the right/bottom of the website :

3/ Below the image,click on this link ~ Want a Clock on Your Website?

4/ Choose a Category

5/ If you found the clock you'd like,then press ~ View html tag

6/ Read the terms of service and press Accept

7/ You'll have the code for your clock. Congratulations!!!

Where Can I Use These Clocks?

You can use these clocks:

=> On your html pages
=> On your side widgets
=> On your forum messages if you have html enabled
=> On your Homepage Message { ACP=>Display Tab=> Homepage=>Generalities=>Homepage message }
=> On your portal

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