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How to improve your SEO?

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Tutorial How to improve your SEO?

Post by MrMario November 28th 2010, 00:57

How to improve your SEO ?


This tutorial was developed in order to improve:

- The indexing of your forum in search engines.
- The SEO of your forum;
- To help increase your stats (number of users);

The tips below are designed to ensure that your forum is the best position possible in the search engines.

Create content

Create articles, tutorials, help, news, etc ... is one of the best ways to attract visitors. You register in a forum because it contains information that interests you, or you leave ..

• Make content available

Do not let all the contents of your forum visible only to members! Imagine you when you arrive at a forum after a google search, if necessary that you register to access news, I rather think that you will look elsewhere rather than wasting your time to sign up without being sure of the result you get .

You can set the permissions so that guests see the subforum without access. It is already less for them fleeing.

If your forum is open to guests, it is likely that these same guests talking about your forum on other websites they visit, giving a direct link to your forum. Conversely, if your forum is accessible only to members, guests can not access it and nobody will see your forum, members will just make a simple copy and paste your forum on another site, instead of giving a direct link to your forum .. Not very convenient!

• Do not prevent the search engines to visit your forum

Remember, a search engine has the same rights as a guest. What the guest sees, the search engine sees it. If you block access, the search engine have nothing to reference and it will be the loss insured for your forum!

• Avoid special characters in titles

Avoid the subject titles, forum, or in forums such as "®°·.¸. • .. • ° ™ ™ T1TLE .. • .. • ° ® "or" (¯`·._.·( m0n F0rum )·._.·°¯). This kind of title appears only rarely in a search result. They are considered as special characters and therefore "useless" for research results. Nothing like a good French to be better referenced!

• SMS and Avoid spelling and grammatical errors

Google has not yet taken the option "SMS language". So therefore, it will be unable to reference certain keywords if they are language SMS.

• Ban on texting your forum

For the same reason that a phrase that attracts SMS illiterate .. Certainly not the search engines.

• Do link exchanges

Feel free to give links to your forum on sites related to the theme of your forum. Search engines consider this as an asset to your site and it will be better referenced.

• Avoid SEOs automatic

SEOs do that to use your forum to reference themselves. By giving you scripts full of links that have nothing to do with your forum, it merely postpone your listing.

• Avoid buttons Partners directory

If it is a directory where you should place a button on your forum, you just reference it by cons, your forum will not be referenced as it should ..

• Do not try to impress visitors

Set to music .. Video .. Yes why not! But if when you arrive on site and you are immediately overwhelmed by the music and entertainment around, you will not stay long .. That is not very serious. A forum is not the world of "yes yes", you do not want to hear the latest hit parade while you are looking for information ..

• Place keywords

If you want your forum appears first in the search "football forum" for example, keywords are the most important "forum & football." Therefore we must try to place them in the title of your forum. If your forum is called "co foot'n" it will never be in first place .. By cons if called: Football Forum: Foot'n co ", it has high chance of being in the top of the list.

Similarly, try to place those keywords often reasonably in the index and the pages of your forum.

• Tips from Google

To be referenced by the search engine the most widely used, there is nothing better than to follow his advice:

Everything that is said at the technical level is applied to all Forumotion forums.

• Sign your forum in the main search engines:

o Google
o Yahoo

Or other class directory.

The latter, DMOZ, the directory is the most important because Google and some other engines give great importance to sites therein. Each entry is validated by a human and may take several months. Wait until you have content on your forum before signing up on DMOZ, or you will be rejected.

• Summary

Here's what you absolutely have: content, keywords in the title of your forum, lots of content, links to your forum on other sites with keywords in the text of those links, links Other sites related to yours on your forum, and still more content.

You understood, the most important is the content: Create articles, news, guides, tutorials, etc. ... originals, ie items created by you and not copied articles on other site, firstly because it is not correct to do this, and other search engines easily detect copies and penalize you.


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Tutorial Re: How to improve your SEO?

Post by skouliki February 10th 2020, 13:49

This code was updated to fit in with the new HTTPS address

updated 10.02.2020 by skouliki

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