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Tutorial Avatar in the Recent Topics

Post by Ange Tuteur on December 26th 2014, 3:19 pm

Avatar in the Recent Topics
Hello, this tutorial will help you add the avatar of members in the recent topics widget. This is compatible with all forum versions.

Avatar in the Recent Topics Captu228

Modification of mod_recent_topics template

So, the script works without problems, you must make a small modification to the widget source. Go to Administration Panel > Display > Templates > Portal and open the template mod_recent_topics Edit

Add this to the Beginning of the template :
<div id="recentTopics">

and add this to the End of the template :

Save and publish Add


Go to Administration Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management. Make sure JavaScript code management is enabled, then proceed to create a new script.

Title : Recent topics avatar
Placement : In all the pages
  var style = document.createElement('STYLE'), css = '.mini_ava2>img{height:20px;margin-right:5px;width:20px;}';
  style.type = 'text/css';
  if (style.styleSheet) style.styleSheet.cssText = css;
  else style.appendChild(document.createTextNode(css));
       if(!window.localStorage) return;
       // Default avatar
        var default_avatar= 'http://illiweb.com/fa/invision/pp-blank-thumb.png';
       // Time of cache 24h*60m*60s*1000ms - one day
        var caching_time= 24*60*60*1000;
       // Time of cache in case of error 60s*1000ms - one minute
        var caching_error= 60*1000;
       var set_avatar= function(id) {
            $('.mini_ava2.member'+id).html('<img src="'+get_avatar(id)+'" />');
       var get_avatar= function(id) {
            if(localStorage.getItem('t_ava'+id) < +new Date - caching_time || (localStorage.getItem('d_ava'+id)==default_avatar && localStorage.getItem('t_ava'+id) < +new Date - caching_error))
                localStorage.setItem('d_ava'+id, default_avatar);
                $.get('/u'+id, function (d){
                    localStorage.setItem('t_ava'+id,+new Date);
                    localStorage.setItem('d_ava'+id, $('#profile-advanced-right .module:first div img:first,.forumline td.row1.gensmall:first > img, .frm-set.profile-view.left dd img,dl.left-box.details:first dd img, .row1 b .gen:first img, .real_avatar img',d).first().attr('src')||default_avatar);
            return localStorage.getItem('d_ava'+id);
       var to_replace= {};
       $('#recentTopics a[href^="/u"]').each(function(){
            to_replace[$(this).attr('href').substr(2)]= 1;
            $(this).before('<span class="mini_ava2 member'+$(this).attr('href').substr(2)+'"></span>');
       for(i in to_replace)

Save the script, and you now have avatars in the recent topics widget ! Very good

Ange Tuteur
Ange Tuteur

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