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Personalize the titles of quote, spoiler, and code

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Tutorial Personalize the titles of quote, spoiler, and code

Post by Ange Tuteur September 17th 2014, 2:20 pm

Personalize the titles of quote, spoiler, and code

Getting tired of the standards "wrote:", "spoiler:", "quote:", or "code:" ??
Me too !

This tutorial will allow you to change those titles, and works on all versions of Forumotion forums.


Go to Administration Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management, make sure JavaScript codes management is enabled, and create a new script.

Title : Your choice
Placement : In the topics
Paste the code below and submit :
$(function() {
  var spoiler_text = "Click to view the content :",
  quote_text = "This is a quote :",
  code_text = "This is a code :",
  wrote_text = " previously wrote :";
  $(".postbody").find("dl.spoiler dt, dl.codebox dt, dl.codebox dt span.genmed b, blockquote cite").each(function() {
    if (!this.hasChildNodes() || this.firstChild.nodeType != 3) return;
    var c = this.firstChild, t = c.nodeValue.trim();
    t == "Spoiler:" && (c.nodeValue = spoiler_text) ||
    t == "Quote :" && (c.nodeValue = quote_text) ||
    t == "Code:" && (c.nodeValue = code_text) ||
    t.substr(-7) == " wrote:" && (c.nodeValue = t.substr(0, t.length - 7) + wrote_text);

:wouhou: Observe

The green expression replaces the red expression.

Click to view the content : replaces the text Spoiler:
This is a quote : replaces the text Quote:
This is a code : replaces the text Code:
previously wrote : replaces the text wrote:

Note :

  • This does not replace the custom spoiler text
  • It changes all quotes, spoilers, and codes, not yet personalized
  • Easily configurable according to your needs

Ange Tuteur
Ange Tuteur

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