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Points Shop Ideas

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Tutorial Points Shop Ideas

Post by Rok March 29th 2009, 6:56 pm

Points Shop Ideas

Points Shop Ideas

This is a full tutorial on some tips and tricks on your custom Points Shops.

How to make a custom Point Shop

It's very simple and easy to create your own manually-made Points shop in use for users to give their points for items. You can set up a category called 'Points Shops' (or whatever you want to name it), and then attach forums to that category based on the shops- like the many shops you have set up. Here's an explanation on how you can set up your points shops :

Points Shop Ideas Points10

Remember that you can always rename the Points to something like : 'Credits', 'Tokens', or something relating to your forum.

Points Shop Ideas

There are two different perspectives of items to buy from shops : Abstract items & Imaged items. Abstract items are like subtracting a warning for a user, access to different sections of the forum, create their own points shop, etc.
Here is a list of absract items ideas :
• Custom Forums
• Vip Membership
• Warning Reduction

Here is a list of imaged items ideas :
• Graphics
• Avatars
• 'Pets'

Here is a list of more examples of both :

Points Shop Ideas Points12

You can also have users request their own little points shop. That user can create the name of the shop, the items that he / she is selling, etc.

In order for users to purchase items from shops, you have to have administration to subtract the selected amount of points from the user and offer that user with the item he / she has purchased. Some ideas on where you can place imaged items could be in a user's signature or in a personalized profile.
You could have images like 'pets' up for sell and have a personalized profile called 'My pet :' set up. If you have a personalized profile already set up like this, then be sure to have the image list of pets and NO default image. Why not have default image?- Because it would give users an image without purchasing it with his / her points. Just be sure not to have a default image.

Well, this tutorial can always be updated at anytime, and it will be done so.


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