How to optimize your forum pictures?

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Tutorial How to optimize your forum pictures?

Post by Shadow on May 28th 2015, 10:34 am

How to optimize your forum pictures?
This tutorial helps to optimize your forum pictures for faster loading pages.

Why do you need to optimize your forum image?

The loading time for your forum is an essential element of your forum traffic. If your forum takes too much time to load, newcomers won't come back Shit
In order to have more users, your forum should load properly. Whether it is good for users, is taken into account by search engines Wink

Forumotion ensures the service speed. However, displaying heavy banner with a lot of Mb will slow down your forum (even with the best servers of the world What the fuck ?!? )
Here you can find a solution to optimize your image size.

How to optimize the images on your forum?

  • To optimize a PNG image, you just have to visit the following website: Once on the website, drop the image you've to optimize. Your images size will fall by 50 to 90% without losing the quality Smile

  • To optimize a JPEG image, you just have to visit the following website:  Once on the website open your image and register it by selecting "80" quality. This tool is free and also allows you to edit pictures Smile

Once your image optimized, you just have to use it on your forum. The solution should be used for all forum images but mainly for the forum banner Smile

To insert your banner, enter your admin panel: Display > Pictures and colors> Pics management> Advanced mode> General/explore:


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