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Pets for your forum

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Tutorial Pets for your forum

Post by Jalokim July 16th 2009, 1:03 pm

Pets for your forum

How to get pets on your forum
Pets for your forum Demo11

For this you will need to prepare a few things:

  • A set of pet images
  • A set of at least 5 stat images for power
  • A set of at least 5 stat images for intelegence
  • A set of at least 5 stat images for HP
  • A trusty team of moderators that will monitor your pets

A quick explaination:
These Pets are a cool addon for your personalised profiles.
I set up my pets so you can do something with the points on your forum.

For each stat point my members have to pay with forum points... they get forum points by posting.
This system is manual, so the points have to be edited by admins and the stats by mods or admins.

step1 :

We need the set of pet images for this step

Go to your admin panel-> users and groups -> profile and click a new profile entry Pets for your forum Ajouter

Now use these settings:
Type: image list
Name: a name
display: in posts and profiles
ability to edit: members
and the visiblity you can choose

once you got these settings... just add the pet images:

Ok ... that was easy step 1...

step2 :

Now... remember to save
and go back to your profile menu:
use the arrows Pets for your forum Bas to position your pet module wherever you like.

and save the position

Now back to your profile Menu -> press new again Pets for your forum Ajouter
Time to set up the name module
so follow this screen:
This has to be viewed in profiles and posts,
the member has to edit it
and you don't have to enter anythign else
save after entering the above details

step3 :

time to add the HP, power and intelligence (obviously you can change the names, and you can add more stats just repeat this step)
This step you repeat 3 times
once for hp , once for intelligence and 1 for power

so go back to your profile menu and hit the green "+" again

this is what you enter:

If you want to use the points system you can't let people modify their stats... this is where you need staff.
But if you want people to set the stats themselves.. you can mark it to member himself

the name is ":" because I am using an image as the name... if you want to type a name do so but don't use an image

this is all customizable as much as you want depending on what you want on your forum.

... once you have the field filled (or customized)
just enter the images for the blocks:

Don't forget to mark the first image as default !!

once you have entered all the images and are satisfied with the position of your profile
you are done.

How to use the system:

All you do is go to members profiles to edit the system
members will be able to edit the pet and the name
mods and admins will be able to change the stats

There is one little problem with this...
all members that are already registered won't have the pet system.
You gotta activate it for them.

Activate the profile by going to a members profile, and edit their stats.
You may need to repeat this a few times.
Luckily new members will automatically get the default settings

You need to assign mods that will change the stats... these mods will send info to the admins so they edit the stats via the admin panel-> modules-> points donation

"and thats what its all about"

sorry for another poorly explained tutorial...


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