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Add Twitter Emoji to the editor

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Tutorial Add Twitter Emoji to the editor

Post by Ange Tuteur October 23rd 2015, 12:12 pm

Add Twitter Emoji to the editor

This trick will help you add twitter emoji to the editor on your Forumotion forum, so you can use them in messages, PMs, etc.. Smile

Add Twitter Emoji to the editor 09615110 1. Installing the JavaScript

To install this plugin for the editor, go to Admin Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management and create a new script with the following settings.

Title : Twemoji
Placement : In all the pages
(function() {
  var config = {
    button_title : 'Emojis',
    auto_close : false,
    async_load : true,
    emoji_size : 16, // 16, 36, or 72
    emoji_list : '\uD83D\uDE00 \uD83D\uDE01 \uD83D\uDE02 \uD83D\uDE03 \uD83D\uDE04 \uD83D\uDE05 \uD83D\uDE06 \uD83D\uDE09 \uD83D\uDE0A \uD83D\uDE0B \uD83D\uDE0E \uD83D\uDE0D \uD83D\uDE18 \uD83D\uDE17 \uD83D\uDE19 \uD83D\uDE1A \u263A\uFE0F \uD83D\uDE07 \uD83D\uDE10 \uD83D\uDE11 \uD83D\uDE36 \uD83D\uDE0F \uD83D\uDE23 \uD83D\uDE25 \uD83D\uDE2E \uD83D\uDE2F \uD83D\uDE2A \uD83D\uDE2B \uD83D\uDE34 \uD83D\uDE0C \uD83D\uDE1B \uD83D\uDE1C \uD83D\uDE1D \uD83D\uDE12 \uD83D\uDE13 \uD83D\uDE14 \uD83D\uDE15 \uD83D\uDE16 \uD83D\uDE37 \uD83D\uDE32 \uD83D\uDE1E \uD83D\uDE1F \uD83D\uDE24 \uD83D\uDE22 \uD83D\uDE2D \uD83D\uDE26 \uD83D\uDE27 \uD83D\uDE28 \uD83D\uDE29 \uD83D\uDE2C \uD83D\uDE30 \uD83D\uDE31 \uD83D\uDE33 \uD83D\uDE35 \uD83D\uDE21 \uD83D\uDE20 \uD83D\uDC7F \uD83D\uDE08 \uD83D\uDC66 \uD83D\uDC67 \uD83D\uDC68 \uD83D\uDC69 \uD83D\uDC74 \uD83D\uDC75 \uD83D\uDC76 \uD83D\uDC71 \uD83D\uDC6E \uD83D\uDC72 \uD83D\uDC73 \uD83D\uDC77 \uD83D\uDC78 \uD83D\uDC82 \uD83C\uDF85 \uD83D\uDC7C \uD83D\uDC6F \uD83D\uDC86 \uD83D\uDC87 \uD83D\uDC70 \uD83D\uDE4D \uD83D\uDE4E \uD83D\uDE45 \uD83D\uDE46 \uD83D\uDC81 \uD83D\uDE4B \uD83D\uDE47 \uD83D\uDE4C \uD83D\uDE4F \uD83D\uDC64 \uD83D\uDC65 \uD83D\uDEB6 \uD83C\uDFC3 \uD83D\uDC83 \uD83D\uDC8F \uD83D\uDC91 \uD83D\uDC6A \uD83D\uDC6B \uD83D\uDC6C \uD83D\uDC6D \uD83D\uDCAA \uD83D\uDC48 \uD83D\uDC49 \u261D\uFE0F \uD83D\uDC46 \uD83D\uDC47 \u270C\uFE0F \u270A \u270B \uD83D\uDC4A \uD83D\uDC4C \uD83D\uDC4D \uD83D\uDC4E \uD83D\uDC4B \uD83D\uDC4F \uD83D\uDC50 \uD83D\uDC85 \uD83D\uDC63 \uD83D\uDC40 \uD83D\uDC42 \uD83D\uDC43 \uD83D\uDC45 \uD83D\uDC44 \uD83D\uDC8B \uD83D\uDC98 \u2764\uFE0F \uD83D\uDC93 \uD83D\uDC94 \uD83D\uDC95 \uD83D\uDC96 \uD83D\uDC97 \uD83D\uDC99 \uD83D\uDC9A \uD83D\uDC9B \uD83D\uDC9C \uD83D\uDC9D \uD83D\uDC9E \uD83D\uDC9F \uD83D\uDC8C \uD83D\uDCA7 \uD83D\uDCA4 \uD83D\uDCA2 \uD83D\uDCA3 \uD83D\uDCA5 \uD83D\uDCA6 \uD83D\uDCA8 \uD83D\uDCAB \uD83D\uDCAC \uD83D\uDCAD \uD83D\uDC53 \uD83D\uDC54 \uD83D\uDC55 \uD83D\uDC56 \uD83D\uDC57 \uD83D\uDC58 \uD83D\uDC59 \uD83D\uDC5A \uD83D\uDC5B \uD83D\uDC5C \uD83D\uDC5D \uD83C\uDF92 \uD83D\uDC5E \uD83D\uDC5F \uD83D\uDC60 \uD83D\uDC61 \uD83D\uDC62 \uD83D\uDC51 \uD83D\uDC52 \uD83C\uDFA9 \uD83D\uDC84 \uD83D\uDC8D \uD83D\uDC8E \uD83D\uDC79 \uD83D\uDC7A \uD83D\uDC7B \uD83D\uDC80 \uD83D\uDC7D \uD83D\uDC7E \uD83D\uDCA9 \uD83D\uDC35 \uD83D\uDE48 \uD83D\uDE49 \uD83D\uDE4A \uD83D\uDC12 \uD83D\uDC36 \uD83D\uDC15 \uD83D\uDC29 \uD83D\uDC3A \uD83D\uDC31 \uD83D\uDE38 \uD83D\uDE39 \uD83D\uDE3A \uD83D\uDE3B \uD83D\uDE3C \uD83D\uDE3D \uD83D\uDE3E \uD83D\uDE3F \uD83D\uDE40 \uD83D\uDC08 \uD83D\uDC2F \uD83D\uDC05 \uD83D\uDC06 \uD83D\uDC34 \uD83D\uDC0E \uD83D\uDC2E \uD83D\uDC02 \uD83D\uDC03 \uD83D\uDC04 \uD83D\uDC37 \uD83D\uDC16 \uD83D\uDC17 \uD83D\uDC3D \uD83D\uDC0F \uD83D\uDC11 \uD83D\uDC10 \uD83D\uDC2A \uD83D\uDC2B \uD83D\uDC18 \uD83D\uDC2D \uD83D\uDC01 \uD83D\uDC00 \uD83D\uDC39 \uD83D\uDC30 \uD83D\uDC07 \uD83D\uDC3B \uD83D\uDC28 \uD83D\uDC3C \uD83D\uDC3E \uD83D\uDC14 \uD83D\uDC13 \uD83D\uDC23 \uD83D\uDC24 \uD83D\uDC25 \uD83D\uDC26 \uD83D\uDC27 \uD83D\uDC38 \uD83D\uDC0A \uD83D\uDC22 \uD83D\uDC0D \uD83D\uDC32 \uD83D\uDC09 \uD83D\uDC33 \uD83D\uDC0B \uD83D\uDC2C \uD83D\uDC1F \uD83D\uDC20 \uD83D\uDC21 \uD83D\uDC19 \uD83D\uDC1A \uD83D\uDC0C \uD83D\uDC1B \uD83D\uDC1C \uD83D\uDC1D \uD83D\uDC1E \uD83D\uDC90 \uD83C\uDF38 \uD83D\uDCAE \uD83C\uDF39 \uD83C\uDF3A \uD83C\uDF3B \uD83C\uDF3C \uD83C\uDF37 \uD83C\uDF31 \uD83C\uDF32 \uD83C\uDF33 \uD83C\uDF34 \uD83C\uDF35 \uD83C\uDF3E \uD83C\uDF3F \uD83C\uDF40 \uD83C\uDF41 \uD83C\uDF42 \uD83C\uDF43 \uD83C\uDF47 \uD83C\uDF48 \uD83C\uDF49 \uD83C\uDF4A \uD83C\uDF4B \uD83C\uDF4C \uD83C\uDF4D \uD83C\uDF4E \uD83C\uDF4F \uD83C\uDF50 \uD83C\uDF51 \uD83C\uDF52 \uD83C\uDF53 \uD83C\uDF45 \uD83C\uDF46 \uD83C\uDF3D \uD83C\uDF44 \uD83C\uDF30 \uD83C\uDF5E \uD83C\uDF56 \uD83C\uDF57 \uD83C\uDF54 \uD83C\uDF5F \uD83C\uDF55 \uD83C\uDF72 \uD83C\uDF71 \uD83C\uDF58 \uD83C\uDF59 \uD83C\uDF5A \uD83C\uDF5B \uD83C\uDF5C \uD83C\uDF5D \uD83C\uDF60 \uD83C\uDF62 \uD83C\uDF63 \uD83C\uDF64 \uD83C\uDF65 \uD83C\uDF61 \uD83C\uDF66 \uD83C\uDF67 \uD83C\uDF68 \uD83C\uDF69 \uD83C\uDF6A \uD83C\uDF82 \uD83C\uDF70 \uD83C\uDF6B \uD83C\uDF6C \uD83C\uDF6D \uD83C\uDF6E \uD83C\uDF6F \uD83C\uDF7C \u2615 \uD83C\uDF75 \uD83C\uDF76 \uD83C\uDF77 \uD83C\uDF78 \uD83C\uDF79 \uD83C\uDF7A \uD83C\uDF7B \uD83C\uDF74 \uD83C\uDF73 \uD83C\uDF0D \uD83C\uDF0E \uD83C\uDF0F \uD83C\uDF10 \uD83C\uDF0B \uD83D\uDDFB \uD83C\uDFE0 \uD83C\uDFE1 \u26EA \uD83C\uDFE2 \uD83C\uDFE3 \uD83C\uDFE4 \uD83C\uDFE5 \uD83C\uDFE6 \uD83C\uDFE8 \uD83C\uDFE9 \uD83C\uDFEA \uD83C\uDFEB \uD83C\uDFEC \uD83C\uDFED \uD83C\uDFEF \uD83C\uDFF0 \uD83D\uDC92 \uD83D\uDDFC \uD83D\uDDFD \uD83D\uDDFE \u26F2 \u26FA \uD83C\uDF01 \uD83C\uDF03 \uD83C\uDF04 \uD83C\uDF05 \uD83C\uDF06 \uD83C\uDF07 \uD83C\uDF09 \uD83C\uDF0A \u2668\uFE0F \uD83D\uDDFF \uD83C\uDF0C \uD83C\uDFA0 \uD83C\uDFA1 \uD83C\uDFA2 \uD83D\uDC88 \uD83C\uDFAA \uD83C\uDFAD \uD83C\uDFA8 \uD83C\uDFB0 \uD83D\uDE82 \uD83D\uDE83 \uD83D\uDE84 \uD83D\uDE85 \uD83D\uDE86 \uD83D\uDE87 \uD83D\uDE88 \uD83D\uDE89 \uD83D\uDE8A \uD83D\uDE9D \uD83D\uDE9E \uD83D\uDE8B \uD83D\uDE8C \uD83D\uDE8D \uD83D\uDE8E \uD83D\uDE8F \uD83D\uDE90 \uD83D\uDE91 \uD83D\uDE92 \uD83D\uDE93 \uD83D\uDE94 \uD83D\uDE95 \uD83D\uDE96 \uD83D\uDE97 \uD83D\uDE98 \uD83D\uDE99 \uD83D\uDE9A \uD83D\uDE9B \uD83D\uDE9C \uD83D\uDEB2 \uD83D\uDEB3 \u26FD \uD83D\uDEA8 \u2693 \uD83D\uDD31 \u26F5 \uD83D\uDEA3 \uD83D\uDEA4 \uD83D\uDEA2 \u2708\uFE0F \uD83D\uDCBA \uD83D\uDE81 \uD83D\uDE9F \uD83D\uDEA0 \uD83D\uDEA1 \uD83D\uDE80 \uD83C\uDFE7 \uD83D\uDEAE \uD83D\uDEA5 \uD83D\uDEA6 \uD83D\uDEA7 \uD83D\uDEAB \uD83D\uDEAD \uD83D\uDEAF \uD83D\uDEB0 \uD83D\uDEB1 \uD83D\uDEB7 \uD83D\uDEB8 \u267F \uD83D\uDEB9 \uD83D\uDEBA \uD83D\uDEBB \uD83D\uDEBC \uD83D\uDEBE \uD83D\uDEC2 \uD83D\uDEC3 \uD83D\uDEC4 \uD83D\uDEC5 \u26A0\uFE0F \u26D4 \uD83D\uDEAA \uD83D\uDEBD \uD83D\uDEBF \uD83D\uDEC0 \uD83D\uDEC1 \u231B \u23F3 \u231A \u23F0 \uD83D\uDD5B \uD83D\uDD67 \uD83D\uDD50 \uD83D\uDD5C \uD83D\uDD51 \uD83D\uDD5D \uD83D\uDD52 \uD83D\uDD5E \uD83D\uDD53 \uD83D\uDD5F \uD83D\uDD54 \uD83D\uDD60 \uD83D\uDD55 \uD83D\uDD61 \uD83D\uDD56 \uD83D\uDD62 \uD83D\uDD57 \uD83D\uDD63 \uD83D\uDD58 \uD83D\uDD64 \uD83D\uDD59 \uD83D\uDD65 \uD83D\uDD5A \uD83D\uDD66 \u2648 \u2649 \u264A \u264B \u264C \u264D \u264E \u264F \u2650 \u2651 \u2652 \u2653 \u26CE \uD83C\uDF11 \uD83C\uDF12 \uD83C\uDF13 \uD83C\uDF14 \uD83C\uDF15 \uD83C\uDF16 \uD83C\uDF17 \uD83C\uDF18 \uD83C\uDF19 \uD83C\uDF1A \uD83C\uDF1B \uD83C\uDF1C \u2600\uFE0F \uD83C\uDF1D \uD83C\uDF1E \u2601\uFE0F \u26C5 \uD83C\uDF00 \uD83C\uDF08 \uD83C\uDF02 \u2614 \u2744\uFE0F \u26C4 \uD83C\uDF1F \uD83C\uDF20 \uD83D\uDD25 \uD83C\uDF83 \uD83C\uDF84 \uD83C\uDF86 \uD83C\uDF87 \u2728 \uD83C\uDF88 \uD83C\uDF89 \uD83C\uDF8A \uD83C\uDF8B \uD83C\uDF8C \uD83C\uDF8D \uD83C\uDF8E \uD83C\uDF8F \uD83C\uDF90 \uD83C\uDF91 \uD83C\uDF93 \uD83C\uDFAF \uD83C\uDFB4 \uD83C\uDF80 \uD83C\uDF81 \uD83C\uDFAB \u26BD \u26BE \uD83C\uDFC0 \uD83C\uDFC8 \uD83C\uDFC9 \uD83C\uDFBE \uD83C\uDFB1 \uD83C\uDFB3 \u26F3 \uD83C\uDFA3 \uD83C\uDFBD \uD83C\uDFBF \uD83C\uDFC2 \uD83C\uDFC4 \uD83C\uDFC7 \uD83C\uDFCA \uD83D\uDEB4 \uD83D\uDEB5 \uD83C\uDFC6 \uD83C\uDFAE \uD83C\uDFB2 \u2660\uFE0F \u2665\uFE0F \u2666\uFE0F \u2663\uFE0F \uD83C\uDCCF \uD83C\uDC04 \uD83D\uDD07 \uD83D\uDD08 \uD83D\uDD09 \uD83D\uDD0A \uD83D\uDCE2 \uD83D\uDCE3 \uD83D\uDCEF \uD83D\uDD14 \uD83D\uDD15 \uD83D\uDD00 \uD83D\uDD01 \uD83D\uDD02 \u25B6\uFE0F \u23E9 \u25C0\uFE0F \u23EA \uD83D\uDD3C \u23EB \uD83D\uDD3D \u23EC \uD83C\uDFBC \uD83C\uDFB5 \uD83C\uDFB6 \uD83C\uDFA4 \uD83C\uDFA7 \uD83C\uDFB7 \uD83C\uDFB8 \uD83C\uDFB9 \uD83C\uDFBA \uD83C\uDFBB \uD83D\uDCFB \uD83D\uDCF1 \uD83D\uDCF3 \uD83D\uDCF4 \uD83D\uDCF2 \uD83D\uDCF5 \u260E\uFE0F \uD83D\uDCDE #\u20E3\uFE0F 0\u20E3\uFE0F 1\u20E3\uFE0F 2\u20E3\uFE0F 3\u20E3\uFE0F 4\u20E3\uFE0F 5\u20E3\uFE0F 6\u20E3\uFE0F 7\u20E3\uFE0F 8\u20E3\uFE0F 9\u20E3\uFE0F \uD83D\uDD1F \uD83D\uDCF6 \uD83D\uDCDF \uD83D\uDCE0 \uD83D\uDD0B \uD83D\uDD0C \uD83D\uDCBB \uD83D\uDCBD \uD83D\uDCBE \uD83D\uDCBF \uD83D\uDCC0 \uD83C\uDFA5 \uD83C\uDFA6 \uD83C\uDFAC \uD83D\uDCFA \uD83D\uDCF7 \uD83D\uDCF9 \uD83D\uDCFC \uD83D\uDD05 \uD83D\uDD06 \uD83D\uDD0D \uD83D\uDD0E \uD83D\uDD2C \uD83D\uDD2D \uD83D\uDCE1 \uD83D\uDCA1 \uD83D\uDD26 \uD83C\uDFEE \uD83D\uDCD4 \uD83D\uDCD5 \uD83D\uDCD6 \uD83D\uDCD7 \uD83D\uDCD8 \uD83D\uDCD9 \uD83D\uDCDA \uD83D\uDCD3 \uD83D\uDCD2 \uD83D\uDCC3 \uD83D\uDCDC \uD83D\uDCC4 \uD83D\uDCF0 \uD83D\uDCD1 \uD83D\uDD16 \uD83D\uDCB0 \uD83D\uDCB4 \uD83D\uDCB5 \uD83D\uDCB6 \uD83D\uDCB7 \uD83D\uDCB8 \uD83D\uDCB1 \uD83D\uDCB2 \uD83D\uDCB3 \uD83D\uDCB9 \u2709\uFE0F \uD83D\uDCE7 \uD83D\uDCE8 \uD83D\uDCE9 \uD83D\uDCE4 \uD83D\uDCE5 \uD83D\uDCE6 \uD83D\uDCEB \uD83D\uDCEA \uD83D\uDCEC \uD83D\uDCED \uD83D\uDCEE \u270F\uFE0F \u2712\uFE0F \uD83D\uDCDD \uD83D\uDCBC \uD83D\uDCC1 \uD83D\uDCC2 \uD83D\uDCC5 \uD83D\uDCC6 \uD83D\uDCC7 \uD83D\uDCC8 \uD83D\uDCC9 \uD83D\uDCCA \uD83D\uDCCB \uD83D\uDCCC \uD83D\uDCCD \uD83D\uDCCE \uD83D\uDCCF \uD83D\uDCD0 \uD83D\uDCDB \u2702\uFE0F \uD83D\uDD12 \uD83D\uDD13 \uD83D\uDD0F \uD83D\uDD10 \uD83D\uDD11 \uD83D\uDD28 \uD83D\uDD27 \uD83D\uDD29 \uD83D\uDD17 \uD83D\uDC89 \uD83D\uDC8A \uD83D\uDD2A \uD83D\uDD2B \uD83D\uDEAC \uD83C\uDFC1 \uD83D\uDEA9 \uD83C\uDDE8\uD83C\uDDF3 \uD83C\uDDEB\uD83C\uDDF7 \uD83C\uDDE9\uD83C\uDDEA \uD83C\uDDEE\uD83C\uDDF9 \uD83C\uDDEF\uD83C\uDDF5 \uD83C\uDDF7\uD83C\uDDFA \uD83C\uDDF0\uD83C\uDDF7 \uD83C\uDDEA\uD83C\uDDF8 \uD83C\uDDEC\uD83C\uDDE7 \uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDF8 \u2B06\uFE0F \u2197\uFE0F \u27A1\uFE0F \u2198\uFE0F \u2B07\uFE0F \u2199\uFE0F \u2B05\uFE0F \u2196\uFE0F \u2195\uFE0F \u2194\uFE0F \u21A9\uFE0F \u21AA\uFE0F \u2934\uFE0F \u2935\uFE0F \uD83D\uDD03 \uD83D\uDD04 \uD83D\uDD19 \uD83D\uDD1A \uD83D\uDD1B \uD83D\uDD1C \uD83D\uDD1D \uD83D\uDD30 \uD83D\uDD2E \uD83D\uDD2F \u267B\uFE0F \u26A1 \u2B50 \u2B55 \u2705 \u2611\uFE0F \u2714\uFE0F \u2716\uFE0F \u274C \u274E \u2795 \u2796 \u2797 \u27B0 \u27BF \u303D\uFE0F \u2733\uFE0F \u2734\uFE0F \u2747\uFE0F \u203C\uFE0F \u2049\uFE0F \u2753 \u2754 \u2755 \u2757 \u3030\uFE0F \u00A9\uFE0F \u00AE\uFE0F \u2122\uFE0F \uD83D\uDCAF \uD83D\uDD1E \uD83D\uDD20 \uD83D\uDD21 \uD83D\uDD22 \uD83D\uDD23 \uD83D\uDD24 \uD83C\uDD70\uFE0F \uD83C\uDD8E \uD83C\uDD71\uFE0F \uD83C\uDD91 \uD83C\uDD92 \uD83C\uDD93 \u2139\uFE0F \uD83C\uDD94 \u24C2\uFE0F \uD83C\uDD95 \uD83C\uDD96 \uD83C\uDD7E\uFE0F \uD83C\uDD97 \uD83C\uDD7F\uFE0F \uD83C\uDD98 \uD83C\uDD99 \uD83C\uDD9A \uD83C\uDE01 \uD83C\uDE02\uFE0F \uD83C\uDE37\uFE0F \uD83C\uDE36 \uD83C\uDE2F \uD83C\uDE50 \uD83C\uDE39 \uD83C\uDE1A \uD83C\uDE32 \uD83C\uDE51 \uD83C\uDE38 \uD83C\uDE34 \uD83C\uDE33 \u3297\uFE0F \u3299\uFE0F \uD83C\uDE3A \uD83C\uDE35 \u25AA\uFE0F \u25AB\uFE0F \u25FB\uFE0F \u25FC\uFE0F \u25FD \u25FE \u2B1B \u2B1C \uD83D\uDD36 \uD83D\uDD37 \uD83D\uDD38 \uD83D\uDD39 \uD83D\uDD3A \uD83D\uDD3B \uD83D\uDCA0 \uD83D\uDD18 \uD83D\uDD32 \uD83D\uDD33 \u26AA \u26AB \uD83D\uDD34 \uD83D\uDD35 \uE50A \uD83C\uDDE6 \uD83C\uDDE7 \uD83C\uDDE8 \uD83C\uDDE9 \uD83C\uDDEA \uD83C\uDDEB \uD83C\uDDEC \uD83C\uDDED \uD83C\uDDEE \uD83C\uDDEF \uD83C\uDDF0 \uD83C\uDDF1 \uD83C\uDDF2 \uD83C\uDDF3 \uD83C\uDDF4 \uD83C\uDDF5 \uD83C\uDDF6 \uD83C\uDDF7 \uD83C\uDDF8 \uD83C\uDDF9 \uD83C\uDDFA \uD83C\uDDFB \uD83C\uDDFC \uD83C\uDDFD \uD83C\uDDFE \uD83C\uDDFF'
  script = document.createElement('SCRIPT');
  script.type = 'text/javascript';
  script.src = '';
  document.write('<style type="text/css">.sceditor-button-twemoji div{background:url(!important}.sceditor-twemoji{width:220px;height:250px;overflow-y:auto}.sceditor-twemoji img{cursor:pointer;padding:3px}.sceditor-twemoji img:hover{opacity:.7}</style>');
    if ($.sceditor) {
      // create sceditor button and drop down
      $.sceditor.command.set('twemoji', {
        dropDown : function(editor, caller, callback) {
          if (!fa_twemoji.element) {
            fa_twemoji.element = document.createElement('DIV');
            fa_twemoji.element.innerHTML = twemoji.parse(fa_twemoji.emoji_list, {
              size : fa_twemoji.emoji_size,
              attributes : function() {
                return {
                  style : 'display:none;'
            }).replace(/\s(?=<|$)/g, '');
            // load handler for images to lighten the deployment of emoji
            // it displays and loads one image at a time rather all at once which can make the browser unresponsive
            if (fa_twemoji.async_load) {
              fa_twemoji.image = {
                collection : $('img', fa_twemoji.element),
                index : 0,
                timeout : [0, 6000], // timeout after 6000 attempts on 1 image
                load : window.setInterval(function() {
                  if (fa_twemoji.image.collection[fa_twemoji.image.index].complete) {
                    if (fa_twemoji.image.collection[fa_twemoji.image.index]) {
                      fa_twemoji.image.collection[fa_twemoji.image.index].style.display = '';
                      fa_twemoji.image.timeout[0] = 0;
                    } else {
                      fa_twemoji.image.load = 'COMPLETE';
                  } else if (++fa_twemoji.image.timeout[0] > fa_twemoji.image.timeout[1]) {
                    fa_twemoji.image.load = 'ERROR';
                }, 10)
            fa_twemoji.image.collection[fa_twemoji.image.index].style.display = ''; // start loading
            } else {
              $('img', fa_twemoji.element).show();
          $(fa_twemoji.element).click(function(e) {
            var target =;
            if (target.tagName == 'IMG') {
              fa_twemoji.auto_close && editor.closeDropDown(true);
          editor.createDropDown(caller, 'twemoji', fa_twemoji.element);

        // wysiwyg
        exec : function(c) {
          var e = this;
          $.sceditor.command.get('twemoji').dropDown(e, c, function(icon) {
            e.insert('&nbsp;[img]' + icon + '[/img]&nbsp;', '', true, true, true);
        // source
        txtExec : function(c) {
          var e = this;
          $.sceditor.command.get('twemoji').dropDown(e, c, function(icon) {
            e.insert(' [img]' + icon + '[/img] ', '', true, true, true);
        tooltip : fa_twemoji.button_title
      toolbar = toolbar.replace(/date,/,'twemoji,date,'); // add the button to the toolbar
  if (!window.fa_twemoji) {
    window.fa_twemoji = config;

Save the script, and you should now have a new button on your editor for inserting Emojis in your messages. For modifications, please see the next section.

Add Twitter Emoji to the editor 09615110 2. Modifications

At the top of the script is an object called config which contains a few settings :

emoji_size : Defines the default size of the emojis ; 16x16 by default. The sizes available are 16, 36, or 72. You can change this for larger or smaller emoji icons. Smile

emoji_list : Defines a list of twitter emojis in JavaScript Escaped Unicode Code Points. In this string you can edit the position of emojis, or remove ones you don't want. You can use this converter for converting characters and javascript escapes :

button_title : Defines the tooltip text displayed when you hover over the emoji button.

auto_close : Setting this option to true will automatically close the drop down once you've picked an emoji. Set this option to false if you don't want the drop down to close.

async_load : This option is for performance. When set to true it will load one emoji after the other without making the browser wait. Setting this option to false may reduce performance, but it will load all emojis at once. However, this can make the browser unresponsive for a few seconds if there is a large amount of images.

For extended technical details and customization, please see the github page for twitter emoji :

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Tutorial Re: Add Twitter Emoji to the editor

Post by SLGray March 13th 2021, 8:43 pm

Add Twitter Emoji to the editor Slgray10

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