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Backup of your forum

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Tutorial Backup of your forum

Post by Shadow February 28th 2014, 3:34 pm

Backup of your forum

ArrowWhat's a Back-up?

A back-up is a process that allows you to restore data, & recover data that you lost due to a technical problem or mishandling, if you have deleted members, messages in error, if you lost your graphic theme, etc...

To proceed to a backup you should use Founder's tools

Note: You can not recover your forum at an earlier date than 5 times a day. Beyond the fifth back-up, you get this warning, and must wait 24 hours to recover the ability to make a back-up.

QuestionHow to access founder's tools?

Go to this page: Founder's tools

Enter the following information:

  • Login: Your foundation email or the url of your forum
  • Password: The password you use for the forum creation

Backup of your forum 19-10-11

QuestionHow does a back-up work?

You can choose between:
- A full forum backup
- Theme only
- Messages and user only
Backup of your forum 19-10-15

Several restoration dates are available. Each date is a backup of your forum.

If you restore your forum date X, ALL the forum will be restored (Note: "gains" of the forum may be deleted if the structure of the forum has changed in the meantime). The forum is restored in the exact state of the chosen date, ie a backup on a date x is a copy of the forum at the time x. To overcome this problem, you must make a second back-up.

Backup of your forum 19-10-14

If I choose to restore the forum 2014-09-08 - all posts from September 8 will be deleted as well for all registered members since that date.

After the back-up 2015-09-08, you have to make a second back-up dated 2015-10-15 - to retrieve all new members & new messages posted between September 08 and October 15.

In the back up field there is a drop down menu and you can now choose what you want to restore:

If you removed a user and want to restore, select User for back up.
If you removed users and messages and want to restore, select user and messages.
If you have made errors with your theme or want an old one back, select theme to restore.
If you want to restore all the above select full back up.

Idea Note
: Forum statistics will not be renewed immediately after the backup for technical reasons:

  • Number of post: It will be recalculated after posting a new message.
  • Number of members: You must synchronize your forum if the number is not automatically renewed (Pa>> General>Configuration>> resynchronize your forum)


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