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Add rules beneath the chatbox

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Tutorial Add rules beneath the chatbox

Post by Ange Tuteur November 8th 2014, 1:18 am

Add rules beneath the chatbox

This tutorial will allow you to add a set of links, or just a link to your chatbox rules, underneath the chatbox on your Forumotion forum. This is applicable to any forum version.

Appearance under the Chatbox on the Homepage:
Add rules beneath the chatbox Homepa10

Adding the link below the chatbox

Go to Administration Panel > Display > Templates > General edit the index_body template. Edit

Add rules beneath the chatbox Templa10

There are two variables for the chatbox, search for the one that you're using :

If the chatbox is on top of your forum :

If the chatbox is at the bottom of your forum :

When you have found the variable, place the following code after it :
<!-- BEGIN switch_user_logged_in -->
<div align="center" class="chatRules"><a href="/URL_HERE" target="_blank">Chatbox Rules</a></div>
<!-- END switch_user_logged_in -->

You can copy and paste the link, or be creative and add something different. Just make sure that the content is between the following comments, so that it only displays to logged in members.
<!-- BEGIN switch_user_logged_in -->
content here
<!-- END switch_user_logged_in -->

Modifications :

Replace /URL_HERE by the URL of your chatbox rules. You may also use the classname .chatRules to edit the style of the chatbox rules link.

Example :
( Administration Panel > Display > Colors > CSS stylesheet )
.chatRules a {

When finished remember to save and publish the template. Add

That's all folks !  Very good

Ange Tuteur
Ange Tuteur

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