Customize usernames according to group

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Tutorial Customize usernames according to group

Post by Ange Tuteur on March 10th 2014, 10:39 am

Customize usernames according to group

The following trick will allow you to customize the usernames of the members of your Forumotion forum, according to the group which they belong.

Here is an example of what you can do :
- With a member of the group "Support Moderators" :
- With a member of the group "Administrators" :
- Overview of the "Who's Online" :

Modifying the stylesheet

Go to Administration Panel ► Display ► Colors ► CSS stylesheet. Copy and paste the following code :
a span[style="color:#000000"] strong {
    background:url( no-repeat;

Modifications :
In the code above, so that this trick works, you must modify :

- span[style="color:#000000"] : replace #000000 with the color code that corresponds to the group you wish to modify. You can find this code in Administration Panel ► Users and Groups ► Groups ► Groups administration.

- background : corresponds to the image that is inserted before the username. Here, you must modify the URL with the URL of your image.

- padding-left : allows you to add a left margin to the username to show the image. Here, you must modify **px : these ** corresponds to the width of your image. If the image is 16 pixels width for example, it would be : 16px.

More customization...

Still using the selector given above and changing the color of the group :
a span[style="color:#000000"] strong

You can customize as you wish with the usernames of your members according to their group. For example : a border, give them a background, a particular font, a shadow…

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