How to clean up your forum after a Google Chrome Malware alert

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Tutorial How to clean up your forum after a Google Chrome Malware alert

Post by Shadow on Wed Dec 11 2013, 16:28

How to clean up your forum after a Google Chrome Malware alert

Sometimes while browsing your forum on Google Chrome, you may receive a malware alert from Google:

It is just a precautionary message which allows you to find the problem by clicking on the diagnostic link.
Once you click on the link, you can get much more information according to the nature of the threat. Most of the time, your forum is linked to a malicious link. Don’t panic! This link is often an image you host or external website you display.
You just have to note all domains provided by the diagnostic page and verify your forum content (Especially images, widgets, and partner links)
In order to make your forum as clean as possible, we recommend you to use Google Webmaster tools If you already have a Gmail account, you just have to log in. Once you register on the webmaster tool, you can add a website:

Add the URL of your forum:

To continue, you should justify to Google you are the owner of the site. We advise you to choose HTML tag in “other methods” section:

Now, you should enter your admin Panel> General > Forum promotion > Search engines

Choose additional Meta tags

Add name and content values provided by Google Webmaster tools (without quotation marks")

Come back to Google webmaster tool & validate your website
Once your forum is registered on Google webmaster, you can verify the site health.

By clicking on the title forum, you will obtain more information + a menu on the left side allowing you to check your forum!

You can also read this thread: Google Chrome alert

It is done! Congratulation cheers


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