Google Chrome Malware problems for users

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Google Chrome Malware problems for users

Post by frontier gander on July 16th 2016, 12:20 am

A couple members are getting a malware pop up when they go to my forum. They both use google chrome. I've done some reading and of course, using my google account, added everything that should have taken care of it, but they are still getting a malware pop up and it turns their screen black and freezes up their computers.

I gave them the advice to dump GC as its junk and to install firefox. Also gave them the link to turn off that malware notice which I am still waiting for them to try.

Are any other forums having this problem with malware popping up? Just started today.
frontier gander

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Re: Google Chrome Malware problems for users

Post by APE on July 16th 2016, 12:22 am

Hello this is the same thread as this one Please post there Smile


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