Tips To Get More Visits On Your Forum

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Tutorial Tips To Get More Visits On Your Forum

Post by Master Marc on July 17th 2009, 7:29 pm

Tips To Get More Visits On Your Website/Forum

Hello, I am going to show you some good points to get more viewers on your forum. Wink


You must have a good content on your website/forum if you'd like people to read it.Try to have things that you can't get anywhere else,so the viewers will come back to your website/forum to read on the juicy info.

Buy ads (Adwords)

This is one of the best ways to get people to visit your website/forum. It is possible to buy ads to display on other websites so it can attrach loads of people to your website/forum.

Offer free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff.You all know that! For example, Forumotion offers free forums and it's very popular. So, the best way to get people to visit is if your website is free. You can also offer things that people want for free. ( If you have a shop or something,it doesn't have to be free )

Meta Tags

Remember that if you want the bots to know what your forum / your website is about, you will need to have good meta tags in order to support it.

Forum Signatures

This is also a great way to steal viewers,lol. Add your website/forum in your signatures on other forums, so others can view what your website / forum and gain more visitors.

Review your site

Some websites/forums review others. This can increase the number of views on your site if you have a great review. Note that Forumotion offers reviews in the Forum Reviews section.


This is also a useful way to attract viewers. Blog about your website/forum and you'll get more visits from people who love reading articles.


Make sure your website/forum 's appearance looks good. If your site is ugly, the viewers will not bother to read whatever your site has to offer.

Link to us

Have a link to us page on your website/forum. Ask the viewers to help out you by showing them the bbcodes & html codes. Then, they have to copy and paste them to advertise your site.

Invite your friends

You could invite your friends you know and trust to visit your website/forum. Don't spam up stranger's private message box asking them to join your forum and offering them staff positions just so that they confirm your message with a yes. Then do not complain if your website/forum is destroyed.


It would be ideal if you could affiliate with other websites/forums to up the number of visitors on your site.


You could create a page asking your viewers to bookmark your website/forum so they wouldn't lose the link to your site if they searched it by using a search engine. ( For people who just don't read website's names )

Submit your site to a search engine

Submitting your website/forum to the search engines is really helpful because people can find it when their surfing the Internet.

Social Networks

Nowadays, social networks become stronger and stronger. You do have the opportunity to create pages about your website / your forum in social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Hope your website/forum gets more views after you do the tips that I suggested. Hello

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