How to set up Google webmaster tools for your forum?

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Tutorial How to set up Google webmaster tools for your forum?

Post by Shadow on January 29th 2015, 2:31 pm

How to set up Google webmaster tools for your forum?

This tutorial explains how to add your forum on Google Webmaster Tools (or GWT)

In order to use this tool, you must have a Google account. If you don't have a Google account, you will be able to create it via the GWT homepage.

What are Google Webmaster tools?

This free tool allows you to get some data about the visibility of your forum on the net. Coupled up with the use of Google Analytics, you will have a great overview of your forum SEO.

How to set up Google Websmaster tools?

First, you should enter the homepage: Google Webmaster Tools
Add You can change the language easily. You just have to change the language code at the end of the url. For example: English /en, French /fr, Italian /it ...

  1. Click on add a website

Add the url of your forum:

     2. Recommended methods

Once added, you will get various methods to choose from. The validation of the forum indicates to Google, you are the forum owner Wink

The easiest way to end the process is the select to validation thanks to the Meta Tag.

Don't "verify" for the moment. Just keep this page opened and copy/paste the code Smile You'll need to verify the code once the process over Zen

  3. Go to your forum

Once the validation is over, you have to connect to your administrative panel and the Webmaster tool code. Enter your Admin Panel>> General>> Forum Promotion>> Search engine.

Then, add the Meta tag:

Copy-paste the Webmaster Tools code into the fields:

By careful to add the ID without the quote:

  4. Webmaster tool

Now, come back to Webmaster tool and verify your code! The tool will recognize your forum and will know you're the owner thumright

  5- Webmaster tool Management

Now, you can get all your forum data.
Delete Please note that statistics will be more detailed after few days Wink GWT needs a little bit time to synchronize all your forum data grrr!!!!!


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