How to make a test account for your forum

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Tutorial How to make a test account for your forum

Post by APE on July 28th 2018, 2:17 pm

How to make a test account for your forum

How to make a test account.

Go to your forum URL and click on 'Register' in your navigation bar.

Fill in all the info to make a new account when it comes to the Email address,
I think it's best to put a fake basic Email address, This will not be a problem later as you will activate the account in your Admin page later.

Once you have made the account log in your forum with your founders account and navigate to your Admin control panel.

ACP Users & Groups Tab Users Inactive users
See Screen Shot:
Find the test account you have just made and activate it Wink

Now you may have seen some staff members ask for the test account to have admin rights.
If this is the case you would now have to add this to your admin account settings.

ACP Users & Groups Tab Group administration
Look for the Administrators with the star on and click the yellow cog,
See Screen Shot:

Scroll down the page and type in the test account name in the Add Member box then press add member. Now your test account has admin rights.
See Screen Shot:
To remove the rights again follow the same step but this time go right to the bottom and find the name and to the right you will see tick boxes next to the names put a tick in the box and then click remove selected.
See Screen Shot:

Admin rights should only be done for trusted members and is done at your own risk.
All staff members have been hand picked by Forumotion and are really trustworthy.
Of course you have the right not to give this test account to the staff or a regular member but this will only delay the support we can give you in your time of need.

Under no circumstance will the staff member make any change to your forum unless you give them the go ahead to do so. Staff will reply to you with a result of their findings and post a fix,
we will post the codes needed to fix this so you can fix this your self, But if you can't then we will try and help more.

If you give the admin test account to a regular member then Forumotion will not take any responsibility if your forum is messed up or loss of codes.

Why does staff ask for a test account? :
Staff years ago would go to your forum and make a test account that would always take time and use their own Email address to make the account.

This will save much needed time for our staff and stop unwanted account getting made for our staff.

Should I change the password after a member has used it?
YES you should always change the password when staff or member's has used it,
This will be for security reasons.


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