Add an image to the rank name ( + customizing ranks)

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Tutorial Add an image to the rank name ( + customizing ranks)

Post by Jalokim on November 5th 2009, 12:02 am

Add an image to the rank name ( + customizing ranks)

How to modify your rank name

The result:

Tools you may need: for image uploads (we use tinypic because it gives a short URL this is important)
Photoshop/GIMP or your admin panel color picker (for color hex codes)
A mini rank name image (max 16x16 pixels)
*html knowledge (for more complex customizations)

Rank Name text effects

For the first part all you do is edit the rank menu settings.
Go to Admin panel-> Users and Groups -> Rank Administration
Edit one of your existing ranks, or create a new one

In the rank title first type the name you want, for example "Administrator"
Next to make part of the title bold you have to give it an html bold class.

Here's how:   <b>Admin</b>istrator

Now we need to give the font some color.
To do this you have to add a vaild html color tag to a font tag.

Here's how:   <font color="#000000"><b>Admin</b></font>istrator

 Make sure all your tags are properly opened and closed. Example <font></font> <b></b>. If you do not close your tag , your posts or forum can be affected!
when you use <font color> you have to use the proper ="#6 digit hexcode" , if you do not use the proper form the color won't appear.

Remember that the Rank Title has a limit of characters. If you put to much code the title won't fit!

Rank Name Image

As mentioned above don't go overboard with your rank effects. Just changing the bold and color is a whole load of difference. You need the extra space to use images in your rank name!

To add an image to your rank title all you need to do is upload an image to
We use because the image url is very short which saves a lot of space. If you didn't use any text effects from above you can upload your image to other hosts, with longer urls.

- upload your max 16x16 picture to tinypic
- retrieve the short url and copy it

Now we need to add a simple img html tag infront of your text

Here's how:   <img src="url from tinypic.png" /><font color="#000000"><b>Admin</b></font>istrator

and thats it. The image tag has an integrated end tag /> you don't need to add a </img> tag!

As soon as you save your rank, the image and text effects will appear.


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