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HTML is on by default for members in posts

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If HTML tags in posts are allowed in the Admin Control Panel, should they be visible by default to new registrants?

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Total Votes : 3

HTML is on by default for members in posts

Post by Acsama on March 3rd 2012, 12:22 am

I have no problem with that users can set in their profile if HTML tags are visible for them or not in the posts. But I think HTML should be set 'visible' by default for every new registrant, in case the admin allows it in the Admin Panel settings. My reason for asking this is that if you make HTML available, this is because of that you want to allow it to be used, and to be seen. However if by default it is 'invisible' for every new registrant, the 'HTML is on' feature looses its meaning. Simply because even if it is available to be used in posts, noone will see them who registers. Moreover I do not often meet the solution that you have to allow it in your profile to see and use HTML. Usually when HTML tags are allowed in forums, I just register, and can use and see the effect of those tags. So setting the HTML off by default can make the users embarassed, because for every new registrant, the whole forum will look like a dump of bare html tags. And if they are in the same shoe like me, they won't know what is happening and will sending me, the admin, PMs about that there is trash in the forum, or in the worst case they migrate elsewhere.

So I vote for HTML 'on' by default for every new registrant. After that if a registrant doesn't want to see the HTML tags, they can switch it off for their account in their profile. Or if an admin wants to see what codes were posted in the forums, he can also select HTML to be switched off for his account, and see what is happening. All this doesn't mean that you couldn't define, as an admin, in your Admin Panel, whether to allow HTMLs or not for the whole forum. But once you allow it, let it be on by default for every new registrant.

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Re: HTML is on by default for members in posts

Post by xGraphicGodx on March 3rd 2012, 12:39 am


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Re: HTML is on by default for members in posts

Post by Jophy on November 3rd 2013, 10:42 am

Suggestion section clean up (11/ 3/ 2013)

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