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[CNAME] Redirect an extern domain name that you own to your board

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[CNAME] Redirect an extern domain name that you own to your board

Post by The Godfather on September 7th 2007, 3:32 pm

[CNAME] Redirect an extern domain name that you own to your board

How can I redirect my extern domain name to my forumotion board ?

(Note: this help isn't useful if you earn a domain name directly through forumotion, it's done automatically!)

First step: Connect yourself to your extern domain name website.

Second step: Go to the administration panel of your domain name website.

Third Step: Start the modifications in the Administration Panel.

Last step: Validate your domain name in the administration panel of your board.

Your domain name is now ready to use ! Wink
I have already a homepage, can I link a subdomain with my forumotion board?

Yes, of course - it's almost the same procedure as above. Just assign the CNAME to your subdomain instead:

When you choose the sub-domain which you wish to use on your forum (forum.my_domain, for example, is a sub-domain of my_domain), you have to create the corresponding CNAME entry in the DNS administration of your domain: a CNAME entry allows to point an url towards the other one in a transparent way. That way, you can link forum.my_domain with forumotion board

Any recorder of domains names possesses different interfaces, and thus different methods to create such CNAME. However, in a general way, the process takes place as described below:

  • Connect to your user account on the site of your domain name provider, and go to the DNS management.

  • Check that the chosen sub-domain is not already used.

  • In the generally entitled field "source", "origin", or "alias" enter the prefix of sub-domain (i.e. "Forum" if you want to use the sub-domain forum.my_domain).

  • In the generally entitled field "destination" or " target host ", enter the original url of your forum, address.my_forum.

  • You will maybe have to inform the TTL (Time To Live): define the maximal possible value here.

Buying a external domain name will not allow you to redirect your Forumotion sub domain to your external domain.

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