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The Mold

Post by moldy on July 21st 2010, 6:25 pm

Welcome to The Mold, the hobbyist forum that fits you!

1. Choice of the category: Miscellaneous

2. Choice of a title: The Mold

3. Forum address:

4. Main language:English

5. Forum description: Our forum concentrates on normal everyday hobbies and interests. The topics included on the forum are technology, automotives, comedy, entertainment media, sports, and much more.

Our forum is in a nice dark gray and green layout that reflects the name of the forum, industrial and moldy. It is full of posts from a while back because at one time it was alive and well. I have revived it and I am trying to bring as many users as possible over.

Forum Layout

The Cast and Mold
-Admin's Corner
-The Daily Broadcast
-Introduce Yourself
-Rules and Guidelines
Tech Heaven
-The Tech Times
The Car Convention
-The Coach Post
-Keep Dreaming
The General Idea
-Off Topic
-The Burlesque Show
-TV and Movies
-The Arena
-The Arcadium
The Gallery
-The Showroom
-The Workshop
--Finished Requests
Trash Can
-Trash Can

As of now, there is staff, but they are no longer active and I will be removing them soon, unless they decide to return. All staff positions are open

Global Moderators
Tech Mods
Auto Mods
Graphic Designers

893 Posts
25 Users

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Re: The Mold

Post by moldy on July 29th 2010, 3:30 am



We are starting to get many more users and visitors each day! To this day, all positions are filled except Graphic Designer but I am still actively recruiting all of them. If there are any Graphic Designers out there, I would really like to have you visit! If you are decent, then you can help make the forum look pretty and moderate the graphic design forum category!

There are now 33 users, an average of one new user per day since the posting of this thread. There are 985 posts, which is 92 posts since revival.

Social Networking and Floating Toolbar
I have also heavily integrated the forum with social networking. There are beautiful Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube buttons for users and guests to few the other channels in my network. A new addition for today is the toolbar, which houses more social networking connections, chat, search, share, and donate functions. It's in a nice green color to match the forum too!

I have also successfully integrated Facebook Connect into my forum for easy registration and log-in!

I am also still looking for affiliates! If you have a similar forum (or not), please contact me on my forum or here so we can do business!


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