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Deleting columns "Topics" and "messages" 5 5 1

Deleting columns "Topics" and "messages"

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Deleting columns "Topics" and "messages"

Post by Buttercup on November 23rd 2010, 10:36 am

Deleting columns "Topics" and "messages"

First and foremost, you must:
- Be the founder of the forum,
- Be on phpBB2,
- Have a basic knowledge of HTML, and templates.

Tutorial effects
Instead of having a traditional appearance of the forum:

Topics and messages will appear as follows:

Changing templates

Administration Panel Display Templates General
Edit template index_box

1. Locate:
      <th nowrap="nowrap" width="50">{L_TOPICS}</th>
      <th nowrap="nowrap" width="50">{L_POSTS}</th>
Delete it.

2. Locate:
      <td class="row3" align="center" valign="middle" height="50">
         <span class="gensmall">{catrow.forumrow.TOPICS}</span>
      <td class="row2" align="center" valign="middle" height="50">
         <span class="gensmall">{catrow.forumrow.POSTS}</span>
Delete it.

3. Locate:
<h{catrow.forumrow.LEVEL} class="hierarchy">
            <span class="forumlink">
               <a class="forumlink" href="{catrow.forumrow.U_VIEWFORUM}">{catrow.forumrow.FORUM_NAME}</a>


Replace with:
<table width="100%"><tbody><tr><td><h{catrow.forumrow.LEVEL} class="hierarchy">
            <span class="forumlink">
               <a class="forumlink" href="{catrow.forumrow.U_VIEWFORUM}">{catrow.forumrow.FORUM_NAME}</a>

         </h{catrow.forumrow.LEVEL}></td><td style="padding-left: 40px; text-align: right;" class="gensmall">{catrow.forumrow.POSTS} messages in {catrow.forumrow.TOPICS} topics.</td></tr></tbody></table>

Check by clicking Pending
And if you're satisfied, publish.

This tutorial was written by the Staff of the Forum Forum,
And in particular Toto456 and translated by MrMario.

No reproduction possible without our consent, in accordance with article L122-1 of the ICC.

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