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Create a free forum like this one. please :(

Go down please :(

Post by ThomasCo on February 7th 2011, 1:22 pm

Just changed my forum version to Invision.

As you can see it looks rather a mess now:

Why is the 'New Posts' and 'No New Posts' overlapping the text?

I've had to take these buttons away for the minute, but how do I resolve this please?

Also, the number 1- to say 20 buttons are rather big. The button you click in to take you to a specific page in a big thread. Can I change this?



My avatars are now really wide:

How do I resolve this please?

thank you.

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Re: please :(

Post by ThomasCo on February 7th 2011, 1:55 pm

Sorry, forgot to do printscreen.

Here it is:

I've changed back to what I had before, but would still be handy to know.

The thing that I really like about invision is how the posts are numbered. Is there any chance of having this option on PBB2?

So it says Post 1, Post 2, etc etc.


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Re: please :(

Post by Sanket on February 8th 2011, 4:54 am

Hi, your title not being specific and therefore not facilitating research via the search option, I'm not answering (nor is any other member ) until you change your title to a more specific one, related to your problem

Why do we ask you to use explicit titles
The forum's search engine bases its research on keywords found in [b]topic titles[/b].

When you do a research, do you use "help", "urgent", "problem", "SOS" or "question" as keywords to look for topics about your problem/question?

Certainly not!  So this is why it is important to use titles [b]related to your problem/question[/b].  Doing this makes the researches much easier for visitors who use the search engine to get an answer to their question.

Thanks for your understanding.

Forumotion Staff

May I remind you that double/triple posting isn't tolerated unless separated by 24 hours (Use the edit button) Wink

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