Adding banners 2

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Adding banners 2

Post by liebstandarte on November 29th 2011, 4:20 pm

Sorry, I don`t quite think I made myself clear enough R.E:

What i wish to do is personalise each member, so when they make a post, a graphical image will show under their main text.
This is not to do with their rank on the forum, more so their position within our group. As such It will remain the same no matter how many posts they make.
I suppose a "graphical signature" ???
Does this help you to help me ??

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Re: Adding banners 2

Post by blindbat1457 on November 29th 2011, 8:49 pm

Oh that is easy, each user can enable a signature.

ACP => Users & Groups => User Options

Under user settings
Allow Signature: Check all members or groups if that is what you want

Then they can add their Signature through their profile. Make sure they enable it in there personal settings and attach it to every post.

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