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Chat room services

Post by E-Mad™ on Fri Dec 23 2011, 22:31

Does anyone know of a free chat room service I can add to my forum that allows a cam feature and one I can add moderators to?


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Re: Chat room services

Post by kirk on Sat Dec 24 2011, 16:17

yeah tinychat.
Thats what i use for live support, To add mods you will have to tell your mods to create their own tinychat accounts, then you add their link to there tinychat profile page in your chat settings.. You will see when you create a account.

Or you can go with something like stickam, But now your mods and members a like would have to have a stickam account in order to log in to the video chat room, Then once they are on you have the option to make them mods by just clicking the name when they are in your room.

I actually like stickam better, but you now have to have a stickam account in order to log into stickam rooms, To where the tiny chat and one can go in to the room by just creating a guest user name. But if your me4mbers are willing to create a free stickam account, the i would defiantly go with stickam over tiny chat.


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