Demigods Life

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Demigods Life

Post by Guest on December 24th 2011, 10:36 pm

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To live as a character from the Percy Jackson series. If you want to, you can become a demigods, muse, satyr, nymph, god or even a mortal. Canon characters are allowed. You can have a maximum of two characters, but switching is allowed. Based on Rick Riodan's Percy Jackson series.

Admins: Luxe Gallagher, Olivia Williams, Isabella Marie Aros
Mods: August Milburn, Avalon Sophia Blythe, Victoria MacIntyre
Mini-Mods/Senior Members: Aly Kendrick, Georgia Daniels

Current Plot: It's a war. Greek vs. Romans. A war is being prepared on each side and demigods are choosing sides. Romans pose as Greeks, pretending to be Greeks when actually spying on them. Each side is fighting. Which side are you on?


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