Here to request a default avatar for my forum.

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Completed Here to request a default avatar for my forum.

Post by InnerSolace on January 30th 2012, 6:28 pm

EDIT: I figured out how to make one myself, so this can be locked.

I am in need of a default avatar for my forum. I will list the details below. I don't have an image to use, so I hope that's all right. I will try not to make my request too demanding, as I know you guys are probably working on a lot of things for people.

Nature of the Creation: Default forum/profile avatar.
Size (In Pixels): Width 150, height 200 (150x200).
With or Without Animation: If it's not too much trouble, I would like for the text to glow/flash.
Main Colors: Black, gray, red and gold.
Pictures & Links: Due to not having one, I'll just describe what I want in the "Extra Comments" section of this post.
Text to Insert : Eternal Kingdom
Font (Provide Download Link): Arial, or if you come up with something that looks better, that's fine too.
Font Color: Red and gold.
Link to My Forumotion Forum:
Extra Comments: Okay, I will explain some of these things now. I just want the background of the image to be black and gray, with text going along the center that says "Eternal Kingdom." I would like the text to be red, with a gold glowing/flashing effect around the letters. Place the two words above and below one another. For example, place "Eternal" above "Kingdom," with "Kingdom" below "Eternal." If you want to, you're welcome to put your own touches/critiques on it as well.

I hope I described this in efficient detail. If you need to know anything else, or if you absolutely need an image to work with, please notify me.

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