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Moderator (non admin) to be able to approve inactive users to group

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Solved Moderator (non admin) to be able to approve inactive users to group

Post by lrleitman April 9th 2012, 12:31 pm

I want to deligate the new users approval job to someone which is not the admin (someone who has no access to all the control panel that can change how site looks like). I thought of two options if possible:

1. have someone access to control panel but only to the user & groups and general panels (e.g. and not other menues that can change the site URL, colors etc) - is it possible ?

2. Someone create a group of inactive users and let the moderator approve them in another group of active users or something similar. maybe by letting new users automatically subscribe to the inactive users group and then via the forum the moderator can add them one by one to the active user group. However, if I do this the addition from one group to antoher is messy and involve several screens and clicks.

Any thoughts ?

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Solved Re: Moderator (non admin) to be able to approve inactive users to group

Post by Ape April 9th 2012, 1:34 pm

Hi there.

To Q 1, Sorry this can not be done if you add an admin to the ACP they can see most of the things and chnge almost every thing in the ACP we can not pick what part of the ACP your co admin can use.. Sorry.
Some one has asked for this to be put in place maybe you could vote also post hire Arrow

As for Q2, you can have your members get added to aauto group when they first make an accout the all get put in there and have just one mod and your admins can remove them whenthey make a post on your forum

do the same with the members 1+ post group but make it auto enter 1post set the other one to 0 post.


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