Vampire Diaries : the last episode of the season tomorrow

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Vampire Diaries : the last episode of the season tomorrow Empty Vampire Diaries : the last episode of the season tomorrow

Post by Shadow on May 9th 2012, 5:46 pm

Vampire Diaries : the last episode of the season tomorrow

Hello Friends Hello

Tomorrow evening will come the TV event not to miss : The last episode of the season 3 of The Vampire Diaries

The season finale will be full of upheaval and promises many surprises or shocks.

The most difficult for fans will be to await the next season... Forumotion is here to help you wait ! I love you

Here is an interview of the founder of a really great forum about The Vampire Diaries ! Nightchild has kindly answered our questions about her forum and the way she manages it to get popularity and members !

Please introduce your forum.

Nightchild : My forum, The Vampire Diaries Forum, is centered around the show and the books. It's created for fans of both the book and the show , to get together and discuss what has happened in the books/ show, role play, play games, share stories/ fan fictions and just generally have fun. It's always open for new fans to come along and join.

Why did you choose this theme?

I chose the theme that we currently have because it is simple but pretty, and is easy to use and understand. I did not feel that we should have anything too flashy or complicated, as it should be as easy as possible for the members to move around in the different sections and use it as well as they can.

According to you, what's the secret of its success?

Well, lately the forum hasn't been too active due to the fact that the other admin & I have had to focus on our personal life instead, but we're working to get it started and active again. Though, I wouldn't say we had an actual 'secret' when it came to make it popular before. The Vampire Diaries is a very famous show/ book series (though at the time our forum was most active it hadn't fully reached its fame), and there are tons of fans who would like to talk about it to others or role play and have fun. I think because we had a lot of different things on our forum - not just about the Vampire Diaries - it became more appealing to our fans, as there were a lot of places to talk about TVD, but also places you could go and focus on other things, such as games or role plays. I think the balance between these two was fun for the members.

After its creation, what are the tools you needed to make your forum go ahead and be popular?

Well, the first thing to do is spread the word. It is basically the thing you need to do to get it 'popular'. Make sure that search motors such as Google and Yahoo can find it, talk about it with your friends and talk about it on different forums or social networks such as tumblr, twitter or facebook. Make sure you have links to it on different places; there will always be someone who will follow your link.

Which one was the best strategy?

The best strategy was to tell people about it on different forums and such. We also knew people who love TVD, so we told them about it and they wanted to join. Once you've got the word out, people will start to join the forum, which is why it went well. Of course you don't have to have super many members too; as long as somebody uses it and are happy with it, you should be happy too.

Which feature do you prefer with your Forumotion's forum?

I like the fact that you could design it in your own way and decide what widgets, categories and forums; this made it more personal and you could play around with it to create what was best suited for your forum.

Which methodes, ideas or tips are you using to maintain the interest and the activity of your members?

Make sure that there is always active topics that members can take a part of. If nothing is active, people will leave, and it will die. Simple as that. Create new, interesting topics, come up with ideas that will be fun for your members - maybe special ranks, competitions, role play competitions etc. You just have to give your members a reason to stay.

Do you have other members to help you for the administration?

We used to. It is always good to have at least two admins, especially if you are new to the thing. There are a lot of experienced people out there who would love to help you, so accept the help. But be careful who you choose. Usually it's just my friend and I as admins and a few mods, but sometimes if we find someone with good experience, and we know we won't be able to spend as much time on the forum as we'd like, we give the person the job.

According to your experience, which advices would you give to other administrators who are beginners?

Well. Get to know the administrator panel. That is essential. Get to know where you can change what, what you can do where etc. If you come across any tutorials about it, check it out. Basically you first have to find out what you need to do for your forum, and then get to know how you do it. I don't really know what to say, you just have to practice I guess. Just make sure not to delete your forum while you're at it. Oh, and make sure to add your forum to

What are your feelings at the end of the season 3 of Vampire Diaries and do you know more about the future of the show?

To be honest I haven't reached the end of season three yet ^^; But from what I've seen, it's great, and I'm looking forwards to be able to sit down and fully catch up with the show. I'm afraid that I don't know more about season 4 (don't want to do any research yet, as there might be spoilers), but if I find anything out I'll be sure to post it on the forum.

A last word to say?

If you are interested in joining our forum, we'd be glad to welcome you. We're trying to get it started again, and we have some fun things coming up in a while Wink Here's the link;

Thanks Nightchild for having took the time to answer our questions and very good continuation with your forum cheers

Spend good times on our TVD forums and see you soon everyone ! Very Happy bye

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