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Wrestling Entertainment Network

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Wrestling Entertainment Network Empty Wrestling Entertainment Network

Post by CursedBeast June 7th 2012, 10:56 am

Tittle : Wrestling Entertainment Network
Choice of Category: Gaming
Language: English

Quick Bio: Wen stands for Wrestling Entertainment Network. It is a site that has been worked on by me and another guy. We have put much of effort into this in planning it out and designing the site to the best of our abilities. So, please check it out and join if you will be active on the site. Remember this is for the PS3 and please join if you're active. We will get started as soon as we get enough people, so we need some people to sign up. Also, we will have a program like NXT that allows CAWs So, register here: And feel free to ask questions

Long Bio: Now, you may want to read the stuff above if you're reading the long bio. Along with all that we have a bunch of different things to do on the forums. Such as chatting in the chat box with other members, chatting about random things in the off topic box. I mean we're trying to keep this site up and active as we dont want it to go away and we're going to try to put as much time and effort as we can into this. Meaning, we will have match cards and results every week. We will have Pay-Per-Views when scheduled. We will update our power 10 and title contenders weekly. We will make sure that everything is up to date for our members. Maybe even make some videos. We will write out results including promos, pre and post match results, match results, etc. All we ask back is that you stay active and complete your matches/roleplays. You can contact me or the other admin if you have any rivalries you want to get started off the bat. Please check out the site and register. I promise it will be fun. Remember this is a PS3 league.

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