Space and spoiler problem

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Space and spoiler problem

Post by thientinh on June 9th 2012, 10:23 am

Sorry for bugging you guy but, i really getting so frustrated at my phbb2 forum. First of all, let me discuss about spacing problem.

Example #1:

This is my forum. I want to have a little space between my rank and my avatar but i looking for the codes all over the place and it was useless to make a little space there. Please, provide me the code separate my rank and avatar.

Example #2:
This is my homepage message where i creating a transparent background music.

The problem was, i want to space the line just like this

but no matter how much i fix the space and how much i enter to skip a line, it still appear at one line just like i show before. Can somebody help me???? Provide me css that could make it appear in lines. I had the same problem when i put additional rules in registeration. It appear in one close paragraph instead of bullet.
Here is the picture.

This problem #2 is solved
If anyone want to guy can use line break code which is <br />. Put this on the end of the line, they will break the line. Smile

Example #3: This is about spoiler

Is there any way i can set my entire forum post into the spoiler stage?? I mean every single post and comment would automatically wrap up in spoiler like the following picture.

If it is possiple can you guy help me???

Here is my forum link:

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