2012 Olympics : who climbs on our podium ?

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2012 Olympics : who climbs on our podium ?

Post by Shadow on July 31st 2012, 4:11 pm

London 2012 Olympics Contest

Forumotion holds high the flame of The Olympic Games !

The London Olympics have started since July, 27 and several medals were already distributed.

The time has come for our talented participants to know if they have won their event. cheers

Forumotion's Podium :

Gold Medal : 4 000 credits

Congratulations to msdegley

Silver Medal : 3 000 credits

Congratulations to Mioshi11

Bronze Medal : 2 000 credits

Congratulations to etisalat

All winners are requested to send the URL of their forum to Leeloo to receive their prize.

Continue to support your country or your favorite athletes... Mr. Green Mr. Green
See you soon dear members bye

A ForuMotion Important Announcement

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