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History of Forumotion. Empty History of Forumotion.

Post by Guest on August 3rd 2012, 12:03 pm

Well, I found myself wondering about the history of Forumotion as it seems to run quite deep. What I could figure out was that Forumotion's parent site seems to be Forumactif, and whoever is the admin there runs the show. I've noticed discussion of "The Godfather" passing hands a few times as well as many general staff changes all over the place.

So where did it all start though? Who was the original founder and what was their motivation? Was it some group of French people who decided to build a webhost in the early 2000's? Are the same original set of people who founded all of this still the directors currently, or have they resigned?

Just wondering if we could get some Admin input on this. I first came around when Cailhem and Typlo were in charge of Forumotion, but I've found that there's history that goes even deeper than them actually - and some stuff about a guy named Gizmo who seems quite important. Was he once a normal admin that eventually got promoted to being the Godfather when the original one resigned?

When was ForumActif founded? Was there anything that came before it? When did Forumotion come around? Was it because they suddenly decided to go international?

I also noticed that this used to be referred to as "EditBoard" and e-mails from this site come from "EditBoard.com". Why the name change?

You should all seriously think about making a Forumotion / Forumactif history post somewhere that clearly shows all the history for those interested Razz

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