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Stargate Command PBPRP

Post by Ecuas on August 21st 2012, 5:21 am

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  4. Main language: English

  5. Forum description: Stargate Command is a play-by-post role playing game set in the Stargate SG-1 TV series universe. Come and join a group of people who love the SG-1 universe and want to group with other like minded individuals to play around with the Stargate! Are you a military commando? A civilian scientist? Or a strange alien willing to team up with the Tau'ri due to a grudge against the Goa'uld? If this sounds like fun to you, head on over and join the fight against the Goa'uld!

    Below is our FAQs about the RP.


Q: When does this take place in the Stargate universe?
A: The Stargate Command RP takes place in season one of the SG-1 universe after Apophis came through the gate and it is discovered that the gate does not just take people to Abidos. The year is 1997 2012(updated the year, see the post after next).

Q: So, no space ships, Tok'ra allies or advanced tech?
A: Nope! We have none of that. What made SG-1 so interesting and cool was that we were out matched in tech, we are fighting against the odds. So we are starting from season one and we will be discovering things like they did throughout the SG-1 series run.

Q: Are the cannon characters there? (Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Daniel, Hammond, ect.)
A: No. Stargate Command is comprised of original characters created by the players.

Q: How do teams work? Will I be on SG-1?
A: If your application is approved you will be placed on your initial SG team and from there your character will be rotated through the different teams (including SG-1) as missions progress. This is to give everyone the opportunity to play with the other RPers here on SGC. People will also be temporarily rotated out of a team for other reasons (person is on leave, person has not been on the site for a substantial amount of time).

Q: I want to be the General! So, can I boss everyone around?
A: There is a rank structure for the characters. When you go to the application thread to get the application, there is a list of what ranks are filled and what ranks need to be filled. During the RP this does give the character of higher rank the ability to command others, however, respect still must be given to the other players. Do not go and force another player to do something out of character. General orders (example: take team member 2 and go to point B to provide cover) are okay, but if you are going to do something extreme be sure to consult the other player first via PM or chat box. Basically, use common sense. Wink

Q: Can I have multiple characters? I like playing different people.
A: Yes! You can have multiple characters. But you must give equal time to all your characters so please don't spread yourself too thin with more characters than you can handle.

Q: This sounds cool but I have never done play-by-post role play before. How do I get started and what do I do?
A: No problem! We love introducing people to PBPRP! Just head on over to our site, register, then PM any of the staff members (we have the red usernames) and we will help you get started!

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Re: Stargate Command PBPRP

Post by Ecuas on August 25th 2012, 12:30 am


Most of the site stuff is done and our first mission is underway! Anyone who wishes to join in on the mission may still do so once you fill out a character application and you are approved. Once approved you can join in on the RP as if you have been there the whole time.

Season 1 Episode 1


Planet Designation: P2X-339

Current Environment: Similar to inland China, humid, forest areas, swampy plains

Other Information: Data gathered by the MALP indicates a thriving civilization with pre-industrial revolution era technology. There appears to be little Goa’uld influence.

Controlling Race: Appears to be human

Status: In Progress

Gate Status: Online

Team Assigned: SG-1

Members: Commander Eric Crichton, Lieutenant Colonel Sandy Howards, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Blackburne, Lieutenant Colonel Sharie Williams, Sarah Yadin, TBA for new members who want to join.

Mission: This is your standard recon mission. Make contact with the natives for information on the ruling Goa’uld in the system. This is thought to be one of Lord Yu’s planets, but seems to have been abandoned by him. Find out if the natives staged a revolution or what else could have happened to make the Snakes leave. See if there are any trade opportunities.

Plot Markers to Hit during the Mission:

  • arrive and find heavy Goa’uld presence
  • try to leave but can’t
  • find Mouse
  • avoid capture by the natives and the Goa’uld
  • gather intelligence
  • find a way to get to the Gate and get home

Important threads:

Our Current Forum Layout:

Arrow Welcome (Start Here)
Arrow Arrow Applications
Arrow Arrow Arrow Approved Applications
Arrow Arrow Arrow Denied Applications
Arrow Arrow Personal Leave
Arrow Lounge

Cheyenne Mountain
Arrow Stargate Command
Arrow Arrow Brig
Arrow Arrow Labs
Arrow Arrow Infirmary/Gym
Arrow Arrow Mess Hall
Arrow Arrow Quarters
Arrow Arrow Briefing Room
Arrow Arrow Stargate Ops/Armory/Gate Room

Off World
Arrow Missions

Available/Closed ranks for characters (Get em' while there hot!):

Officer ranks:
O-6 and above: Closed
O-5: Filled/Closed
O-4: One opening Per Branch
O-3: Two openings Per Branch
O-2: Two Openings Per Branch
O-1: Three Openings Per Branch

Enlisted ranks:
E-9: One Opening Per branch
E-8: Two Openings Per branch
E-7: Three Openings Per branch
E-6: Open
E-5: Open
E-4: Open
E-3: Open
E-2: Open
E-1: Open

Currently we have 10 Registered users

Current Staff members:
Eric Crichton (Ecuas here)
Sarah Yadin (Sailawen here)

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Re: Stargate Command PBPRP

Post by Ecuas on September 14th 2012, 10:27 pm


As we are a play by post role play community we like to discuss things as a group as we all value each others opinion. We got together the other day and discussed the time-frame that SGC takes place in. The TV show Stargate: SG-1 takes place in the year 1997 and thus we put the RP in the same year. In our discussion we decided that it would be much easier and more RP friendly to move the time frame from 1997 to 2012. In this decision we found that moving the date to the present year would make this easier for people to RP by not having to research on what technology (type of guns, electronics, ect) was available in 1997. SO! The current year for the SGC RP is 2012 effective immediately. Our armory will be edited to reflect current tech in weapon technology. Smile


Moustrap: This mission is still in progress and moving along nicely. We have made it through the gate just as the Goa'uld Lord Yu has begun the landing of his Ha'tak. After escaping into the woods, SG-1 has encountered a local who shares the same dislike of the "god" Lord Yu.

Currently Unnamed Future Mission: We have another mission that is currently being developed for the near future so keep your eyes peeled for when we get the mission brief up so you can sign up for that mission. Smile


Available/Closed ranks for military characters (Get em' while there hot!):

Officer ranks:
O-6 and above: Closed
O-5: Filled/Closed
O-4: One Opening
O-3: Two Openings
O-2: Two Openings
O-1: Three Openings

Enlisted ranks:
E-9: One Opening
E-8: Two Openings
E-7: Three Openings Two Openings
E-6: Open
E-5: Open
E-4: Open
E-3: Open
E-2: Open
E-1: Open

Our RPers! Smile

[Forum Staff] [Military Characters] [Civilian Characters] [(yellow color on SGC)Alien characters] [NPC Characters]

(Alphabetical order by last name)
  • Mouse - Alien, found on mission to P2X-339
  • Daniel Blackburne - UK Special Air Service (SAS) Lieutenant Colonel, International Oversight Advisory (IOA) Assigned
  • Eric Crichton - US Navy SEAL Commander, XO, SGC
  • Elijah Eshkol - Israeli Mossad, International Oversight Advisory (IOA) Assigned
  • Richard Hale - UK Special Air Service (SAS) Staff Sergeant, International Oversight Advisory (IOA) Assigned
  • Douglas Howards - US Army Lieutenant General, CO, SGC
  • Sandy Howards - US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel
  • Tegan Radley - Civilian Archeologist
  • Sharie Williams - US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
  • Sarah Yadin - Israeli Mossad, International Oversight Advisory (IOA) Assigned

Currently filling out character application:

  • David Kessling
  • Morganskywalker
  • Privaten

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