Thank you upestana_

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Thank you upestana_

Post by WHITESABBATH on October 29th 2012, 7:04 pm

Special thanks to upestana_ who has selflessly given of his time and talent to provide many of us with some of the best forum graphics this site has seen. His creations has enhanced the appearance of many of our forums;especially those who run gaming related sites/clans. I am grateful to staff for allowing upestana_ a second chance for which i feel he has proven himself to be a respected member of the forumotion community and/or of this very site. An asset to the graphics/gallery dept without question.. I can only hope for the continued posting of his creations ,as i know many within the community feel the same.
I am a long time member of forumotion without incident or warnings. I hope this post doesn't violate any TOS, as i was unable to view rules prior to posting (didn't have special perms to view these specific category rules (odd) ). Some of you are perhaps aware of why i am posting this and ask for the same respect as i have shown over the years with forumotion.
In closing i would asks/suggest the following..

1. that it is made aware to the designer what changes should be made to his/her creation,prior to it being declined.

2. that the creator be allowed ample opportunity to "fix' their creation in hopes it passes the satisfaction of the graphic dept staff member who decides the fate of a members creation .

. 3. that the creator be given ample opportunity to provided an explanation as to why he/she made the creation in the manor for which it was made.

Lets always keep in mind that no matter how good or no so good a creation appears, someone took their personal time,efforts and pride into their work and we should all be considerate of that.
Terry Whitesabbath
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Re: Thank you upestana_

Post by Jophy on October 30th 2012, 3:53 am


If you have a thank you message for a member, you can send it via PM, this section is for Forum related discussions.

Also, if you have suggestions, please post it in the suggestion section. Wink

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