Into the Myst: The ending has not yet been written

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Into the Myst: The ending has not yet been written

Post by corkyness on February 9th 2013, 6:41 am

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Choice of a title: Into the Myst: The ending has not yet been written

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Forum description: Enter a deceptively beautiful world town apart by age old conflicts….where secrets lie hidden at every turn and nothing is as it seems. There are those who wish to possess the power of the Art to conquer other realms…and there are those who want nothing more but for the obsessive madness to end. There is peace between the Ages, but it is a peace that will not last. The Ages tip on a balance where no outcome can be foreseen.

Let Myst become your world before an entire world is lost.

Into the Myst is a new, medieval/fantasy site that is loosely based on the Myst computer games. No knowledge of the games is necessary however; all needed information is laid out on the site. We have unique races and lands with their own stand alone histories and cultures, and a interesting plot line with storyline plots that are driven by member advances in their threads. The Admin is very active and always willing to answer any questions and assist with character creation. We also have many free-form canon's available, but are looking for members of all ranks!

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