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8 Grammys - The Michael Jackson Fan Forum

Post by That Admin Person on July 8th 2013, 12:13 am

  1. Choice of the category: Misc.

  2. Choice of a title: 8 Grammys - The Michael Jackson Fan Forum

  3. Forum address: http://8grammys.forumotion.com

  4. Main language: English

  5. Forum description: A Michael Jackson Fan Forum for mature fans to come together and discuss Michael Jackson in a human light. He changed the world, he changed our hearts, but in the his own words, he is human.

    This forum is dedicated not only to Michael, his family, and to those seeking to find out more about Michael, but to the fans that have stood by his side through thick, and, most importantly, thin.

    It's all for Love. With a capital 'L'.
  6. Not sure if this is allowed, but here's a GIF of my forum:
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