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Remnant Glory

Post by AdminKyros on November 27th 2013, 6:38 am

An original, futuristic hero/villain forum taking place in the year 2195 AD. A mix of cyberpunk and sci-fi/superhero madness. Remnant Glory is forum used for advanced roleplay. A place where members have the ability to carve out their characters legacy within this fantastic world and impact the future via in-game character interactions.

During the mid to late 2040s, a great war broke out between the newly formed "Grand Eastern Confederacy/G.E.C." which included Russia, China, North Korea and many other Asian/Middle eastern nations. Fighting against the western NATO allies. The war raged on for five years world-wide before a ceasefire was agreed on in the event known as the "Unity Summit" on December of 2049. Billions of deaths were recorded across the planet, the old world was in ruins. After several days of discussion the remaining nations of Earth who took part in the summit signed a treaty called the "Declaration of Earth". Which set the foundation for a planetary government called the United Nations of Earth. With humanity united, the U.N.E. began to rebuild. The old world was gone, but the new world of sprawling mega-cities and advanced technologies had taken its place. After 150+ years, the human race was restored to its former glory. A new age of heroism and villainy has risen among the people and the future seems bright.
Or is it...

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