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Crossover Roleplay Mania

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Crossover Roleplay Mania Empty Crossover Roleplay Mania

Post by gcar90 February 15th 2014, 11:19 am

[*]Choice of the category: Games and RPG
[*]Choice of a title: Crossover Roleplay Mania
[*]Forum address:
[*]Main language: English
[*]Forum description: We are a role play forum that allows characters from every form of media to join.  Play any character you like, from Anime/Manga, Literature, TV, Movies, comic strips... etc.  You're also more than welcome to create an original character and drop them into our world.  There is a main story section which contains the main story line where characters can interact and play with each other.  There is a side thread section which contains shippings and events not part of the main storyline.  We have sections for table top RPGs, such as D&D, VTM, and DSA, or any other table top RPG you can think of.  If Roleplay isn't your thing, we offer regular chat as well as random forum games.  We would love for you to join us.
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