How create point store like this?

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How create point store like this?

Post by kumotta on March 26th 2014, 8:12 pm

This may be the main attraction for a forum  Very good  I hope someone can help me make point store like this  Hello

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Re: How create point store like this?

Post by Pizza Boi on March 26th 2014, 8:27 pm

Hi Very Happy

Note: There is no such thing as automatic points deduction from a profile at the moment if you wish to purchase.

In this link, it was stated on how to create an HTML page; however, you only used to need one "Space".

My apologies since we cannot give you a full code on the appearance and what not but you can code for yourself using W3schools so it will take effort which I hope you will exert in doing.

Anyway, here's a little tip in order to create it easier. In encoding the form, please provide a box BELOW the items you wish to have.

Now, how to create the items, right? Well, first off, you gotta learn how to create tables with either pure HTML or with spice of CSS and Javascript but let's not complicate things. I'll give you a little bit of example:

<table id="shop">

Now, you can see that I declared "shop" as its ID. We can now go on designing it in our CSS:

#shop {
background-image:url("") no-repeat; /* You can have this or not, it's not obligatory */
background-color: #color;
border: #px;
border-radius: #px #px #px #px; /* The reason is for the edges */
border-color: #color;
padding: #px; /* You can declare padding-left, padding-right, and so on */
margin: #px; /* Same for padding, you can actually use pt instead */
font: Thisfontisanexample; /* Change it to like verdana or something */
font-size: #px;

So that's just a little tip, just try to learn coding to make it easier for you to design the tables since Forumotion already provided an easy way to create forms Wink.

Or you can just use this to make your life easier by just listing the items in a topic...

Pizza Boi
Pizza Boi

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