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Warning Bar Reversals

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Warning Bar Reversals Empty Warning Bar Reversals

Post by Base June 4th 2014, 3:55 pm

Warning Bar Reversals

Hello everyone,

After some serious thought and discussion, the staff have decided to allow warning bars to be refilled from today onwards. We believe that sometimes mistakes are made due to inexperience and that second chances should be given.

If you have a warning or warnings on your account and you would like to appeal, you can do that by sending a private message to a staff member for a warning bar appeal. After that, your request will be discussed by the team to see if you are eligible to have your warning bar refilled.

Please note the following before making an appeal:
=> At least a month must have passed since the date you received your warning.
=> You are allowed to appeal as many times as you like unless a Manager or Admin says otherwise; this is to prevent abuse.
=> This process may take a while so please have patience and do not send multiple appeals or ask about the status of your appeal.
=> Only the warning bar is refilled. The actual warnings will still be recorded on your account.

Warning bars will be refilled in one warning segments. In other words, 25% will refill to 50%, 50% to 75%, and 75% to 100%. You will be informed if your appeal is refused or successful.

 Exclamation We reserve the right to refuse any appeals for those who are considered unsuitable.
 Exclamation If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
 Exclamation If the system proves unsuccessful, we will reverse the decision.

Thank you,
Forumotion Team

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