Long threads get auto-deleted or archived? is it recoverable?

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Solved Long threads get auto-deleted or archived? is it recoverable?

Post by hugolopolus on October 11th 2014, 2:27 pm

########### Update
Found this: https://help.forumotion.com/t135971-missing-posts -- which explains whats happened Smile

Hi peeps,

I had a quick read through the FAQ and couldnt find anything except 'Auto-Pruning' which might fit the bill -- but it doesnt, as it's not enabled.

My forum users (only 6 of them) use our forum in slightly weird way... what we have is one or two threads which are started at the beginning of each year, and they run right through to the end, so they become very long with many pages.

About 2 weeks ago (maybe a little longer) - our primary thread for this year (which had grown to about 20 pages) mysteriously was chopped and we lost all content up to 27th August 2014... This included our rules and other important postings from before August 27th spread throughout the year..

Can anyone;

1) explain what has happened? - is this some sort of auto-archiving / auto-deleting process performed on the Forums?
2) if (1) is true in any degree, what are the criteria when it is is performed
3) I have 'credits' in my forum account (pay to disable the ad's and added a bit of extra storage space for pictures) - if (1) does occur, can I pay to make (2) less strict or just disable (1) altogether?

Many thanks for reading and any replies!


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Solved Re: Long threads get auto-deleted or archived? is it recoverable?

Post by Base on October 11th 2014, 2:33 pm


Is this problem solved? You have marked the topic as solved.

EDIT: Solved => Archived

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