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Secret Santa For Artists

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Secret Santa For Artists Empty Secret Santa For Artists

Post by iceyblue October 17th 2014, 5:22 pm

Secret Santa For Artists 303adlx

Choice of Category: Art & Culture

Choice of Title: Secret Santa For Artists

Forum Address:

Main Language: English

Forum Description: We are a forum dedicated to art and the people who create it, centered around our main event called the Secret Santa.

Administrators: Selini, Kynale
Moderator: Duskglass


Secret Santa
-Welcome To SS4A

-Participants & SS Requests

-SS Exchange
-General Chat
-Art Central
-Writer's Corner

Forum Stats
Secret Santa For Artists 4ucrid

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Secret Santa For Artists Empty Re: Secret Santa For Artists

Post by iceyblue October 18th 2014, 5:27 pm

Exclamation Now Recruiting Artists For Secret Santa 2015 Exclamation
Deadline is November 15th

**Required for registration is a link to your artwork or an art gallery. See forum rules for more info.**

What is a Secret Santa?
A Secret Santa is an event that a group of friends will often participate in over the holidays. They each place their names in a hat, and every person randomly picks someone who they must secretly find a gift for. On a designated date, they get together and exchange. We do the same thing, except the gifts will be pieces of art that we draw for each other. A person will be selected for you, and you will secretly be drawing a picture for them. Just be sure not to tell anyone who you have, or else you'll ruin the surprise.

How is the random selection done?
The selection is done by one of our admins, Kynale. In November, she will draw names of all the participants and send a PM to everyone telling them who they are drawing for. During this process we take certain factors into account such as what people like to draw and their skill-level. We want to match you up with someone most compatible for you, so the event ends up being more fun.

How will people know what to draw for me?
This is where your request comes in. It is very important that you describe what you would like your Secret Santa to draw for you, whether it is in your profile, or in a topic that you make on your own in our subforum. The more options you give, the easier it will be for your SS to find something to draw for you.

If I do not participate in the Secret Santa Event, can I still be a member?
Of course! You do not have to participate in the SS event in order to join the forums. The Secret Santa Exchange in December is one of our main events, but we plan on having other events throughout the year and fun topics to post in that will hopefully keep our forums active.

What kind of artwork is allowed?
We accept a variety of mediums, but we do not count graphics such as banners and wallpapers.

Can I tell my friends?
Sure! If you have any friends who are artists and are interesting in joining, please do. The more, the merrier!

Visit our forum and register today!

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