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The permissions of forums and groups allow you to assign access, viewing, etc... To different guests and members of your forum, based on their "status" or group membership.

I. Forum Permissions

You can set the permissions of a forum by choosing, for example, that only the members can view and read topics, but the guests still see the forum ( but cannot enter without logging in ) There are several possible combinations, here's how :

Administration panel > General > Forum > Categories and Forums

By clicking on the tab Forum Permissions Control you will get this page :

Click on the name of the forum that you want to set the permissions on, and you will get this page :

Presets :
The presets are used to set predefined settings, without having to modify the permissions manually. As you can see, it contains four fields :

  • The first field gives access to view the forum, and read its topics.
  • The second field gives the permission of writing messages ( new topic or reply )
  • The third field sets who can view images in topics. If you select "Members", guests will see a text inviting them to log in or register instead of the image.
  • The fourth field sets who can see links in topics. If you select "Members", guests will see a text inviting them to log in or register instead of the link.

Individual settings :
The first thing to notice is that some fields are doubles. Example : permissions View -the forum- and Read -the messages- are coupled. If you want your guests to see the forum but not read it, it's a problem... This is why you should pay attention to the link Advanced Mode :

By clicking this link, you get access to all fields individually.

II. How to reserve access for specific members without putting them in a group ?

Administration Panel > Users and Groups > Users > Search Users

Select the user you want to give special permission, and click on Perms :

You will get this page on which you must check Allowed Access to allow the member access to the forum :

This way, you allow the member to have the same permissions as the group that has the permissions for that forum.
Do not forget to save too !

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