This is a double post Get a new password doesn't work

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This is a double post Get a new password doesn't work

Post by azwiz on Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:07 pm

If I could find the post I just made I would have edited it . This is actually a different topic . 
  I just tried to get a new password because it would not accept mine . It told me that the email does not match the username . that is false and phucked up .

  I then tried to register my wife . Same thing said nothing matches . Tried to retrieve her password  said email did not match username . What should I do ?

  I may not know codes , I may not quote just right . But I am no idiot . I know when something is screwed up . This is a problem . Please help .

  Ok so i get into my forum . Thank you . Did you see my other post ? My new users and my wife cannot log in or register . I did not change anything . Did you guys ?

  If you need screenshots i can take some . This what occurs . When a person registers they get all the way through to the final validate password screen , type in the password they just registered with . Tells them it doesn't match and takes them back to the registration screen . Retype same password , click save . Says invalid username . Change username and password . Says invalid email . It does this over and over no matter what . 

  I have just lost 2 new users over this . And my wife cannot register . The same exact scenario over and over . These users have never had accounts here , with the exception of one of them who could not get back in yesterday at all so I deleted his account and asked him to start over . He tried all day long . He is long gone . I cannot afford for this to continue . That last guy . It took me 2.5 years to get him in my WGT CC . Now because of this . That is certainly in jeopardy because of the frustration factor . Something is definitely wrong . I am usually able to figure stuff like this out . This I have no control over . You would be the next obvious source .
  What should I do ?

  you can close and lock this . I copy and pasted it to the other one

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Re: This is a double post Get a new password doesn't work

Post by Eugeo Igvalt on Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:19 pm

This might help.

Best of luck ^^
Eugeo Igvalt

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Re: This is a double post Get a new password doesn't work

Post by Derri on Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:15 am

Topic Trashed

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