Chatbox coding issues

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Chatbox coding issues

Post by Axtelle on April 11th 2015, 7:54 pm

Technical Details

Forum version : phpBB3
Position : Administrator
Concerned browser(s) : Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
Who the problem concerns : All members
When the problem appeared : Yesterday morning
Forum link : ( link is hidden, you must reply to see )

Description of problem

So I have the same problem as this fine lady. Members use many different browsers, and each has the same effect. The chatbox won't auto refresh. It only works when manually refreshing, or entering a message.

Now, I tried the solution found on that question, but to be honest I'm not the most astounding with code. For it to work would I need to set up a new Javascript code? I tried that, but it didn't affect the chatbox at all. I also tried another solution which was a meta tag in HTML and that didn't work either.

I tried putting this meta in the head and body, and it didn't do zilch. I'm running out of ideas, cause none of them seem to be working.

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