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JavaScript question

Post by Nape4 on June 17th 2015, 1:00 am

Is it possible to program a code that allows a attack button to automatically do hp like these examples 


 document.getElementById("attack").click(); = dragon.hp = dragon.hp - 10;

[size=13][code]document.getElementById("attack").onclick = function(){
    dragon.hp -[/code][/size]
[size=13][code]document.getElementById("attack").addEventListener('click', function(){
    dragon.hp -= 10;
[code]dragon.hp -= 10;[/code]

[code]dragon.hp = dragon.hp - 10;[/code][
   <a ..... onClick="deductHpPoints()">...</a>[/code][code]            Function deductHpPoints()
              //deduct logic
Like this code shown to work with a rpg character sheet

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