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Sky of Stones: The Underearth

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Sky of Stones: The Underearth Empty Sky of Stones: The Underearth

Post by PhoenixWillow July 22nd 2015, 6:58 pm

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Sky of Stones: The Underearth R932fr

Over 500 years ago, the humans drove from the Earth all creatures they considered "Satanic", "demonic", or "unholy". They thought they'd gotten rid of us. Little do they know, we're still here, right underneath their feet. 

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Sky of Stones is an RPGing forum based on the idea that, when humans chased them out in the middle ages, all mythical creatures, shapeshifters, and other such creatures hid underground, and are still there today. Our community is just starting out, through the people do have are friendly, and all willing to help.

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