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Full Metal Alchemist Theme Empty Full Metal Alchemist Theme

Post by SolomonxKing on August 4th 2015, 5:13 pm

Creation Type : Theme
Dimensions : N/A
Primary Colors : #903D3D
Secondary Colors : #272020
Images to include :
Text to insert : Full Metal Alchemist RPG
Font : N/A
Font Color : N/A
Link to my Forumotion forum : http://fabrotherhood.forumotion.com/
Username on the forum : SolomonxKing
Link to last graphic request : N/A
Detail description : Searching for theme for a FMA Role Playing site, hoping to have a Recent post section, User login, Time, & Admins & Mods avatars and link to profile on the right side of the main page and Character Templates, Equipment Template, Ability Template, Rules,Character of the Month to the Left. Chat box at the top underneath banner and basic functions if possible spiced up, not sure if it can be done though.

Would like the main banner to be linked to home page, And would like the profile button to be a drop down to then select sign out in the drop down of profile also having the options of Edit Signature or Edit Avatar. Would like a Affiliates button to be created which would take you to a page showing a list of different sites and there banners.

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Full Metal Alchemist Theme Empty Re: Full Metal Alchemist Theme

Post by Guest on August 4th 2015, 5:44 pm

Hello!  Unfortunately, we do not do theme requests--we only do smaller, image requests. (Banners, backgrounds, ranks, etc....) There are other forums out there that offer this service, however, and I'm sure you can find one in the promotion section!!  =)

Many apologies for the inconvenience!!

==>  Request Locked

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