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Worlds Without Borders

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Worlds Without Borders Empty Worlds Without Borders

Post by KingWolfei January 31st 2016, 3:37 am

Choice of Category: Arts and Culture
Choice of Title: Worlds Without Borders
Forum Address:
Main Language: English
Forum Description: Is a story-telling forum open to many different types of story tellers and characters. WWB hopes to provide the most dynamic experience possible as you create your own personal characters and have them adventure in an ever changing universe. There are no wrong decisions to make at WWB as you uniquely craft your own story and slowly contribute to building a new world. Breaking the rules will lead to consequences (or perhaps another adventure). WWB is a very relaxed environment and you will not be judged on how your write. Tune in daily to see more information about the next story event.

Features to come:
-Newspaper articles or universal/world events (added)
-alliances (idea phase)
-story mode (adding continually)
-Virtual stock market (idea)
-Virtual Currency (idea)
-Good/Evil/Neutral alignment (added)
-Character Registration (original or not allowed)

Note: Although there are a few RPG elements to be added, they are mostly for the users enjoyment and will not be dependent on the main focus of the forum, which is more along the lines of writing a fictional story. Unless recommended otherwise, I will stick to this category.


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